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9/21/2013 5:25:00 PM

Is religion/atheism a deal breaker?

Yes, definitely. (Elaborate.)


No, it isn't. (Elaborate.)


Depends. (Elaborate.)


In a previous thread, it was brought to my attention that to be someone's partner, sometimes, your religion matters. This person (who shall remain unnamed) claims that girls have taken an interest in him, but because he was an atheist, they shunned away immediately. This can go either way. If you're an atheist, can you date a religious person? [spoiler]Atheist: Someone who doesn't subscribe to any and all supernatural deities. Includes agnostics of all kinda. Religious person: someone who believes or hopes for a God and an afterlife. Isn't exclusive to church goers or faith holders. [/spoiler] On the show, "The atheist experience", one of the hosts say that his fiancé's family thinks he's satan because he's an atheist. Likewise, I have also turned down girls because their religious beliefs were to extreme for me (abortion, evolution, etc.) So, what do you guys think?

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  • For myself? No, I don't worry about that unless they constantly give me shit over it, in which case there probably won't be any attraction to begin with. However, in my experience living in the bible belt, that is a huge deal breaker for girls. I've run into it a million times with very few exceptions. They all assume I'm only interested in leading them away from god or hitting and quitting it. Meanwhile bible-thumping whores are fücking their male counterparts in youth groups because "god will forgive us for our sins lol". In the past I was frustrated, but I've come to realize these people aren't worth my time. I don't want to be with a hypocrite, someone who believes something is immoral but does it anyway. That's why I'm only interested in religious girls who actually are abstinent like they claim to be. Maybe it's odd, me being such a sex-obsessed individual, but I'd rather be with someone with integrity and never sleep together, than a bitch who would abandon her own moral code for fun.

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