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8/23/2013 3:32:30 AM

Destiny Screenshots and Evaluation

Alright everyone. [url=]Here's an album of all the screenshots I could get.[/url] Sorry if they're not the highest quality, I did my best. Feel free to post analyses of individual images ITT. I'm too lazy to do them all. First off, I saw the blood and guts exploding from that Hive during the ViDoc, and the Titan punching straight through one, splattering blood everywhere. Destiny may yet be an M-rated title. Competitive Multiplayer: We're not yet sure whether this is an individual gametype or happens in the persistent world. Guardians are shown to have throwable grenades and keep their weapons, powers, and outfits when they move into competitive. Not sure if this includes Heavy weaponry. Raids: What I believe to be an offensive firefight mode. A big team of Guardians (2+ fireteams) apparently make their way through a dungeon to enter into a "final boss" room which is large and spacious with many lower-level enemies and a boss figure. Customization: Guns, camouflage, armor colors, pieces of armor all seem to be customizable or at least somewhat randomly generated. Racing: Perhaps the bits of footage near the end shows a race between two Guardians, or maybe symbolizes the open world? Feel free to speculate. Black Energy in (boss?) room: Perhaps another hint towards the fifth enemy race, or a Hive boss's special move. RUNES DECODED: 2 OF 3 (seem to be some sort of collectible, perhaps used for story tidbits, upgrades, or cash) Phogoth: That giant thing seen in prior ViDocs has broken free, and apparently has Hive minions serving it. Hive: We have seen the basic walker zombie form, the somewhat soldier-like form that wields a weapon and has 3 eyes, and the Hive Queen (tentative names). Seemingly fragile enemies, their strength is in numbers or, in the Hive Queen's case, special abilities/space magic that allows "her" to call upon her minions for aid. Please feel free to post speculation/opinions! THis thread is meant to be full of walls of words, and it's OK! Post any and all interesting theories here.

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