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So... about time we got rid of all those political/religious threads, Bnet.

[quote]Edit: Well this thread is moot now. Ya'll can check out Foman's post and ignore this one. Cheers.[/quote]We have the power to mute people, and we have the power to hide people. I've muted many people, but I only mute when I genuinely believe the person has no real chance of ever contributing to my experience in a positive manner. No, what I do much more often... is report. Back with Bnet, we would always say 'report and move on' (before most of us ignored our own advice). But reporting seemed meaningless. And now when our tools feel more powerful... the rules have slackened to where reporting just isn't as common, I feel. So a couple weeks ago I decided I don't like that new direction of Bnext. So I started something very simple: I report every political/ religious thread I see. I report the threads, generally for 'offensive content' (since they are nearly all attempts to anger people). Now Bnet, here's what I'm thinking. I liked the rules in those regards before- not allowing those threads at all- and I feel Bnet was a better place with them. But WE make the rules, now. So I report those threads- note I said report, not reply to, folks- with the realization that I am changing my experience, but my experience alone. This isn't some stupid spam-fest forum like 4chan and the likes, so we don't need that kind of discussion here. If more of you believe these threads bring nothing but hurt feelings and people being upset, then more of you will report the thread and the person will be banned. I report those threads often even knowing a few aren't all that bad, because I know my one report (and I assume generally I'm the only one, anyway) will have no effect so it doesn't hurt. Very few people here seem to actually WANT those threads here. And if we get to decide what threads are and aren't allowed on Bnet, why not just get rid of those entirely? Instead of replying to them, instead of saying 'ur dum reported,' why not just... report the threads? Get rid of them- period. So. Why did I make this thread? I want to honestly convince some of you that we should just essentially boycott those threads. Report the posts, stop the repetitive 'lol i r troll cuz u dum libral, 'lolgaymarriage,' and 'lolgodizdum' threads,' and get back to discussion on more interesting things... like our favorite pizza toppings (Jalapenos). Report every stupid political/ religious thread you see, whether for 'no reason' or 'offensive content' and we could get rid of them. I mean, brand new people aren't coming to this site to discuss that kind of thing anyway. It is just the same few idiotic semi-new kids on different accounts making them because ya'll keep replying to them. So let's stop it. Until I get the option to block any thread with certain keywords or tags from my view, I just report those threads to get rid of them. And I think Bnet is a better place without those discussions anyway. If folks don't agree, well, to each their own. That's the beauty- we can each personalize our own Bnet. But I can't help but feel I'm not alone in these thoughts, and it'd be a good thing to help out the entire community. ZE END.

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