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7/29/2013 11:43:38 PM

Skyrim Stories

I recently went through quite an amazing encounter in skyrim which inspired me to start this thread. It starts like this, I was walking through dreary old Morthal (where nothing of interest really happens) while on my way to Ustengrav. After resting in the local tavern I headed out one quiet morning to continue my venture. Some of the children were running about playing tag, and the other villagers were either working or shopping. When just then a guard shouted out, "By the Gods, dragon! Everyone inside NOW!" I looked around and noticed the villagers taking heed to the guards orders and rushed into their respective dwellings. Then I turned my eyes towards the sky and saw not one but two ferocious lizards in the heavens. One of them was a baseline dragon and the other was a blood dragon. At level 18 this frightened me as how could I defeat two of the beasts at once?! Luckily, the normal dragon fled either because of his brother or because he knew better. But the blood dragon, lacking the cowardice of his brother decided to swoop down and attack the town! The battle raged for several minutes between the Hold guards, Erik the Slayer and I vs the dragon. [url][/url] After sustaining some casualties and Erik was knocked down and the dragon at a little less than half of his health, he decided to cancel his attack and retreat. He flew towards the snowy forest near the border of the town. I tried to chase after the serpent but obviously wings travel faster than legs and I lost track of him in the blizzard that rolled in. I had thought I was victorious, when suddenly... [url=]BAM![/url] The drake decided to return to face me one on one! We then duked it out on top of the ridge on the outskirts of Morthal, his voice against my own, his gaping maw against the blade of my dwarven greatsword. The battle was damn near epic proportions! I hacked and slashed as the foul worm sought to char my skin black with his fire breath. He took to the skies one last time and landed in the village near the Jarl's long house. I ran to the edge of the ridge overlooking the town with the dragon just down below, put away my spells of healing, jumped down to face him once again, pulled out my greatsword and made one final charge. The dragon had been defeated and his soul was now mine. I put away the greatsword then continued to ustengrav as the villagers ran out to gaze upon the beast that once terrified them. My friends these types of experiences are what make the elder scrolls games so great, I can't really say any other game has compelled me to write a story about my own struggles within the game. I am very eager to hear some of the tales you guys are willing to share about Skyrim.

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