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Far Cry 3 is hurting me emotionally *SPOILERS*

[b]Pretty big spoilers for Far Cry 3 ahead.[/b] Basically... I'm very wrapped up in the characters and story and the game is starting to hurt me emotionally, like no game has ever done before. [spoiler]I've been playing Far Cry 3 for three straight days in all my spare time (just bought it through the Steam Summer Sale). I figure I'm about half-way through the game right now and the last thing I did was kill Vaas and tell my friends I'm staying on the island. I haven't played anything past this point so PLEASE don't spoil anything beyond that in the discussion here! Basically, things have gotten to a point where I was really loving this game to pieces and I'm really immersed in the entire experience, but my desire to play has been diminished. Because... I can't stand the decisions Jason Brody is making! He's leaving his friends and family so he can stay on Rook Island and that... sucks! :( I kind of wish this game had a choice system that allowed you to make the decisions you wanted to. Instead, it's a more linear experience, and so I'm forced to play as a guy who is (in my view) slowly being corrupted by the island and changed in to a different person. It's a GREAT experience, and the fantastic graphics and top-notch voice acting and well-written story are all really drawing me in, but at the same time it's getting harder and harder for me to cary on emotionally. I kept thinking to myself while Jason was essentially breaking up with Lisa that he's just been brainwashed by all the drugs and violence of the island and is in some sick way probably in love with Citra because she had sex with him and made him in to a warrior. It was really difficult to watch because these are Jason's real friends, shallow though they may be (that careless stoner Oliver in particular rather pisses me off by his inability to understand the gravity of the situation around him, even though I can understand the need to stay perpetually high is an understandable way to escape the anguish of the Hell they're residing in). I was honestly really sad when I left Daisy trying to comfort a crying Lisa, and then I walk out and spot the cross Daisy made for Grant. At that point, I almost started crying. I didn't shed a tear, but it reminded me of Grant's tragic death, and how Jason now barely seems to care about that anymore because he wasn't even there for when Daisy planted that cross.[/spoiler] I really enjoy this game. But the story and the narrative and the way it tells its story are REALLY starting to dicker with my emotions, which is spooky in and of itself. I wanted to share with someone else how this game has affected me in such a unique way. And maybe, without any spoilers, if someone could give me a little pat on the shoulder and assure me everything's going to be alright, that would be great. [b]TL;DR: Why can't I hold all these feels?[/b] [u]***HIGH CHANCE OF FAR CRY 3 SPOILERS BELOW THIS POST***[/u]

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