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5/30/2010 7:45:36 AM

If you want good gaming headphones, Don't Get Turtle Beaches!

[b][i][u]This thread needs to be revised. I will do so in the future, as my schedule is booked for the rest of the year. However, the information contained in this thread is still accurate.[/u][/i][/b] [u]Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section for regular good gaming headsets.[/u] After spending hours of research and testing these headphones with all of their settings, the scam now known as Turtle Beaches will finally be exposed. Audio and Video are my specialty, so you can believe me. The two headphones most commonly purchased: [url=]Turtle Beach X41[/url] [url=]Turtle Beach X4[/url] Turtle Beaches would have to be considered (bluntly) an overly designed piece of crap. Everything the company claims the headphone is capable of is false. Besides the cool look and the nice fit onto someone's head; the Turtle Beaches are the second largest scam among Audio users since Bose. Claiming to give you the True Dolby Digital 5.1 experience is nothing more than the average stereo audio you get with any other pair of headphones. Isolating the 5.1 experience with pseudo tags and non-existent features to cover up the 5.1 with normal stereo. Right about now I am guessing you are getting ready to quote and contradict, before you do my accusation is the lack of the 5.1 experience. Which can only be achieved by more than 1 driver per ear-cup or proper sound phasing(which is non-existent for TBs). If you are wondering what a driver is, [url=]it's the device that creates its own isolated signal of audio.[/url] To get the True 5.1 Dolby experience, you are required to have 4 drivers per ear-cup. The Turtle Beach has a larger than normal [url=]50mm driver[/url] per ear-cup. Not meeting the requirements for 5.1 Dolby. Now along with offering features that do work, it doesn't mask the fact that there is no True 5.1 Dolby. [url=]This is what the true 5.1 Dolby Headphone would look like when opened.[/url] Also note that the headphone picture given only supports Dolby Pro Logic a 4 channel audio, front right, center, front left, and mono surround. With a True 5.1 Dolby there would be 4 drivers not 3. To get the 5.1 you would have to have the the base (the .1 part of the 5.1) and left/right surround in each ear. Making 5.1 headphones really, 5.2 or 8 channel audio. In other words, the audio is crammed into one driver per ear. You are sharing all the signals of audio including someone's voice into just one driver! You might as well just try to talk to someone across the highway. The response you'd get would be just the sound of tires burning up against concrete. So for all those who were going to purchase Turtle Beaches, but have since wanted to save money and not sacrifice their experience I will give a list of good headphones to purchase instead. These are Dolby Certified and Dolby recommend: *[url][/url] *[url][/url] *[url],en[/url] *[url][/url] I hope you take my advice and don't buy a pair of Turtle Beaches. Game with good audio, so don't use Turtle Beaches. [b]Audio headphones only, no attached microphone. Optical audio only.[/b] *[url=]Dolby Digital Wireless Headphones MDR-DS3000 Sony[/url] *[url=]Pioneer SE-DIR800C - Infrared Dolby Digital 5.1 Wireless Headphone System[/url] *[url=]2.4GHz Digital RF Wireless MDR-DS6000 Sony[/url] *[url=]TB True 5.1 Surround Sound Stereo Wireless Headphones - Q-HOME-FX[/url] *[url=]Pioneer SE-DRS3000C Wireless 2.4GHz Digital 5.1[/url] *[url=]LTB Q-HOME-FX True 2.4GHz Dolby Digital & Digital Stereo Wireless Headphone[/url] *[url=]NOVAC CHAMPION HP-850XB DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 HEADPHONE[/url] [b]Headphones with microphones. Optical audio.[/b] *[url=]SHARKOON X-Tatic 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset[/url] *[url=]LTB Audio Q-HOME-FX Wireless True 5.1 Six-channel one piece Headphone System[/url] *[url=]Beyerdynamic Headzone Game Surround Sound Headset System[/url] ************************************************************* [i][b][u]Miscellaneous List[/b][/u][/i] *Not 5.1 Dolby Digital *[url=]Sennheiser HD-280[/url] Also note that Turtle Beaches count for 50% of the gaming headset market. So the chances of finding good headphones without running into Turtle Beaches can be quite hard. [quote][b]What is Optical Audio?[/b] Optical Audio is the same as fiber optic network connection. It uses the same method of data transfer through fiber cables. It allows for higher bit rates of audio. 1.5 Mega bits per second is the highest audio bit rate available on Optical Audio.[/quote] [quote][b]Why can't I use my normal analogue signal?[/b] The reason you can't use your normal signal is because it doesn't support 5.1 DD. The highest you can get with 2 channel audio is Dolby Pro Logic I or II. Dolby Pro Logic is a 4 channel audio signal that can be achieved with a headset with 2 drivers per ear-cup. Pro Logic is front left, center, front right, and mono surround. Most headphones listed support normal audio when you are not using optical. [/quote] More Updates. If there are anymore FAQ's then I will write them out. [Edited on 09.04.2010 6:48 PM PDT]
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