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Bungie where’d novabomb shatter go

Idk why taking away half the subclasses amounts to us having “new” content. Gotta say as a player that started in the beta and was so unbelievably excited and committed to this game, it has been nothing but a disappointment to be farming my vanilla gear again. Thought my vault was getting destroyed to get new stuff, but no, it would appear it was to reverse drip feed the stuff I’d spent years trying to get. And now that I’m back and getting my stuff back finally. I can’t even play the game in the fun way I used to. I can’t go with bad juju and skull of dire and cycle my supers over and over, did you guys put a limit on skull or something?? Cause wtf that was one of the most fun exotics in the game and if you guys capped the super you can get back I would just be absolutely floored. Is this game not about fun?? About throwing endless space magic?? And the flair is going away too, shatter was one of the nicest supers in the game and you replaced it with probably the most boring nova bomb that could ever be thought of. Whyyyyyy are there soooooo many Auto Tracking things in this game?????!!??!?????? Whyyyy?? why is aiming just too much work? Are we really that lazy now? I don’t even have to say anything about self res. Was some of the most fun in the game and was so easily counterable, can’t even count how many self res locks I sniped in trials, but it was funnnnnnn, so much funnnn, the mental game, wondering if they’re gonna save it or go early, then you’d have a full team of locks and be like oh sht this is gonna be interesting. And some of the best lookin exotics in the game came with them. I miss all of them so much and that I’m getting drip fed only half the cool stuff is breaking me, the prodigal set is good, the helmet’s literally perfect, but where’s that other vanguard set? Where’s the cross belt chest piece??? Eclipse Maw VI !!!!!! The one from the starting screen in destiny one when you pick your character. That fit is literally the whole reason I picked warlock originally and that I can’t make myself look the way I used to is really putting a damper on how much fun I’m having. Right now I’m tryna get the cuirass of the hezen lords cause oooooooooohh baby that was the other best armor piece in the whole game. But I just know it’s gonna take me forever 😭😂 I love this game, it fits my style of fantasy and fiction perfectly, the gameplay is soooo so smooth. I wish you guys would go back to your destiny 1 art style. It was just so striking, the dark detail was immaculate. Please do a lil side by side so you can see what I mean. This game has been and always will be gorgeous, but please don’t give up on how much effort you guys clearly put into all the art now that we’ve got 60 fps and higher res. We all know mass effect andromeda is gross, please don’t use those face animation methods. And please make this game as detailed and gorgeous as you already have, and make it as fun as it once was please. All the characters deserve their subclasses back. Love you bungie. Please don’t turn into epic games with all the micro transactions 💜

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