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Destiny 1 Error Code Chicken

Update 4/2/203 THE GAME IS NO ACCESSIBLE LETS GO!!! Thank you Bungie! Update 3/25/2023 I have another theory in which I can not test. If this all started to happen around lightfalls release from what I can tell it started before lightfall dropped but also occurred during a major D2 update. Anyways if the D2 and D1 servers are actually connected and both games are working of the same servers that would explain a lot. Like how I mentioned in an earlier reply the game wants to connect you with D2 when in reality you are on D1, so when accepting Eula its trying to run you through the setup on the d2 side vs the d1 side which causes this error code to happen since there is a disconnect occurring when information is being transferred Through the server almost like a highway and you either missed the exist or took the wrong exit... OR There is a memory leak on the D2 side of the server, which would effect the D1 side of things of the games are running off the same servers. I don't know honestly I'm not smart enough for this I'm just giving out ideas I pulled out of a hat basically but I mean atleast I'm trying to talk about it and figure it out even though Bungie won't reply anymore besides the one sentence the y posted. Update 3/20/2023 Bungie is now actively responding to more users experiencing error code chicken for destiny 1 and 2. Although the responses are very vague it at least shows that they are seeing it although it would be better for more detailed responses vs the usual "Thanks for your report. We'll pass this along to the developers." or the "We're aware of players reporting Chicken error codes and are actively investigating this issue." but it's a start and I can't wait for a more in-depth update for us Destiny 1 players. Another another update/rant: 3/19/2023 It seems that this post is getting down voted into oblivion, but I see nothing wrong with my post besides a few grammar/spelling errors. So why am I getting downvoted these are things that need to be seen. At least I have tried something a nd give updates on my attempts to solve the mystery error. All we really want from Bungie is an actual update with some sort of progress thats all. Not just we are looking into it or we have passed it along. Just a real update. I don't care if it's them saying we have no clue why, just as long as they are committed to fixing it. Another Update: 3/19/2023 I had one clean account that has Destiny 2 content from 2018 but the account was not connected to I refrained from creating a guardian in Destiny 1 to test a theory, and what I found out amazed me even more. After Loading up Destiny 2 it created a profile for me after that I quit the game and launched destiny 1 again to test my theory and I was wrong the game still made it pass the main menu and allowed me to make my guardian so I am now stumped. Best of luck. I still just want to use my account not another. Update 3/19/2023 Tested out a theory, for Xbox Players... 5 Destiny 1 accounts where not able to get pass the main screen after pressing A. When I looked closer every one that was not able to progress into the game all had one thing in common the accounts where already associated with a account. I have no clue if this is a coincidence but each one was not able to get pass the eula screen unless they already had a guardian established and that was 3 accounts I checked so these 3 had no issue progressing. Also I did some more testing, if your account was not connected to a account and it asked u to add an email and pressed B or no then you could progress into the game. This happened on 2 fresh accounts. So it must have something to do with the account but even after disconnecting the account I was still not able to proceed most likely due to the game already registering the profile with an associated account. One step further I added an email when prompted and the game once again froze and got code chicken. So I tried this on 11 accounts in total and these where the results ● 3 Accounts with guardians could load in ● 2 Fresh accounts No Bungie profile worked ● 5 Accounts with a profile Could not get pass the main menu ● 1 fresh account after adding an email could not get pass the main menu Update 3/17/2023: It seems like I made people unhappy with is post I got down voted to oblivion on a serious issue. Even if Destiny 1 had only background maintenance why would they not take the time to actually address this serious issue. I will not change my wording because what I wrote overall is 100% truth and to those who are downvoting me and upvoting bungies one sentence reply that really doesn't do anything to actually address the issue are the problem for us who paid good money for something we can't even play. If you think I'm being hateful let me know but don't downvote something that relates to a serious issue for one of their products epically if it affects other community members. The more voices the more bungie sees and the less they can ignore the issues brought up. Because it shows it does affect more than just a few people. Bungie, this video I submitted is from March 3rd I have been tweeting and tweeting. I have even made a forum about this issue. New players who are trying to play Destiny 1 are not able to they are given Error code Chicken when the connection is not the issue as shown in the above video everything was done on one Xbox console. Just because it may be a few hundred people having this issue does not mean you should ignore it especially those who are buying the game for the first time which this forum shows What did this "Hot Fix" actually fix because there where no update files for D1 there where no updates in the queue and if I'm not mistaken the version number is still the same. I would just like to play Destiny 1 on the same account that I play Destiny 2. I don't believe that's too hard to understand and I honestly want to know if your company will ever fix this issue for us players. Most of us returning to D1 is because they need a break from the grind of Destiny 2 or they want to enjoy the story like me. All I want to do is play the game for the story and to make friends I can bring them over to Destiny 2.
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