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Discuss all things Destiny 2.
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Hello everyone! Welcome to! If you have any questions regarding Destiny, the Companion App,, or any of the services herein, then you are in the right place! This thread contains useful information for this website including FAQ's and guides made by the Mentors of [b][url=]The Welcoming Committee[/url][/b]. [b]FORUM INTRODUCTION[/b][quote][b]Meet the staff! [/b][spoiler][b][url=]Bungie Community Volunteers: Mentors, Ninjas, and Shields[/url][/b] [b]BUNGIE[/b] — Users with the 'Bungie' badge next to their name are Bungie employees. Mentors and Ninjas do not speak for Bungie. Only users with the BUNGIE tag speak officially on the forums.[/spoiler] [b]The Forums[/b] [spoiler][b][url=]Destiny 2[/url][/b] - You are able to discuss anything you desire about Destiny 2! The subforums include Rewards, Feedback, Rewards, Lore, and Gameplay. [b][url=]Destiny[/url][/b] - You are able to discuss anything regarding Destiny 1, which is the predecessor of Destiny 2. [b][url=]Clan Recruitment[/url][/b] - If you are in need of members or need to join a clan that fits your needs, this is the place for you! [b][url=]Companion App[/url][/b] - You can discuss and leave feedback relating to the Companion App and its features. The subforums include iOS, Android, and Web. [b][url=]Help[/url][/b] - If you are in need of help or have questions, this is the first place you should go to. The subforums include Error Codes, Networking, Eververse, Game Issues, Website Companion, iOS Companion, Android Companion, PC Support, Console Support, and Legacy Support. [b][url=]OffTopic[/url][/b] - This place allows you to talk about anything you desire except for Destiny as long as you uphold the [b][url=]Code of Conduct[/url][/b]![/spoiler] [b]What is a tag and which ones should I use?[/b] [spoiler]A tag is a method of categorizing the thread you create, allowing it to be publicly available in only the forum categories you specify on When creating a thread tags will be added when choosing a 'Forum Category' and a 'Forum Sub-Category.' Additional tags can be added to your thread by making use of the 'Enter Tags' field.[/spoiler][/quote] [b]BUNGIE'S OFFICIAL[/b] Support and Social [b]CHANNELS[/b][quote][spoiler][b][url=][/url][/b] — Help and support for Destiny, the Companion app and [b][url=][/url][/b] — Bungie's official website. [b][url=]@BungieHelp[/url][/b] — The official Twitter account of Destiny Player Support. [b][url=]@Bungie[/url][/b] — Bungie's official Twitter account. [b][url=]@BungieLove[/url][/b] -- The Official Bungie Foundation Twitter account. [b][url=]@BungieCareers[/url][/b] -- The Official Bungie Careers Twitter account. [b][url=]@BungieStore[/url][/b] -- Bungie Store's official Twitter account. [b][url=][/url][/b] — The most recent news about Destiny and the Community at large. [b][url=][/url][/b] — Notes on recent patches, hotfixes and updates. [b][url=][/url][/b] — Bungie's official Twitch channel [b][url=]@DestinyTheGame[/url][/b] — Destiny's official Instagram account. [b][url=]@DestinyTheGame[/url][/b] -- Destiny's official Twitter account. [b][url=][/url][/b] -- Destiny's official YouTube account. [b][url=][/url][/b] -- Destiny's official Facebook account. [b][url=]@Bungie[/url][/b] -- Bungie's official Instagram account. [b][url=][/url][/b] -- Bungie's official YouTube account. [b][url=][/url][/b] -- Bungie's official Facebook account.[/spoiler][/quote] [b]ACCOUNT SECURITY GUIDE[/b][quote] Account Security is very crucial and essential when interacting with As [b][url=]The Welcoming Committee[/url][/b], we advise you to take some precautionary measures when submitting information online. Bungie's [b][url=]Account Security Guide[/url][/b] gives important information on how to secure your account. [spoiler]Passwords are very crucial for protection. It is highly recommended to change your password often and use a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, and special characters as well as numbers. A good example of a strongly secured password is "xx0M3GA$H3NR0Nxx". A password that can be easily guessed should never be used such as "abc123". There is a great tool to clear your computers history and unwanted files which is called [b][url=]CCleaner[/url][/b] so check it out! It can also remove passwords from your computer if you accidentally allow a website to remember them. It is also highly recommended to add security features to your email address such as security questions and secondary emails in case a security breach occurs. Online identity is important in life if you wish to remain anonymous. Everything you post online can be made public ranging from your name to your online photo. There are websites that offer privacy such as You can click on your avatar and navigate to Settings and go through the tabs to adjust your settings to your liking. Have you received an email that looked suspicious? There are a few ways you can check to see what it is. An example of a real email from Bungie would be which can come from opting in Bungie Rewards. Before you click on the email, you first need to check to see if it is really from them. On most mobile devices, in order to see where the email has been sent from, click the "from" email. If you are unsure of the email address, do not click it and visit the #Help forums. You can post that email in the #Help forums for clarification while covering up your personal information. In order to save you from a lot of hassle, you can just hover a mouse over links on a PC, clicking on them on a smart device and not clicking on any links in untrusted emails. Are you craving for more in-depth security tips? Check out my [b][url=]Protect Yourself on The Internet Safety[/url][/b] thread for more information! It is all up to you now to keep your accounts safe. It is advised to do some research on what is out there and how to protect yourself from it.[/spoiler][/quote] [b]BUNGIE.NET FAQ[/b][quote] [b][url=]Mentor FAQ[/url][/b] [i]by TheHaraamPolice[/i] — Frequently asked questions and answers about the Mentor role on [b][url=]Ninja FAQ[/url][/b] [i]by FoMan123[/i] — Frequently asked questions and answers about the Ninja role on [b][url=]Daylight Saving Time and Destiny 2[/url][/b] [i]by TheHaraamPolice[/i] — Timezone changes and their impact on Destiny 2. [b][url=]The and Destiny Companion FAQ[/url][/b] [i]by Spawn[/i] — general questions and purposes.[/quote] [spoiler][i]Updated: 6-5-2021[/i][/spoiler]

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