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10/19/2022 2:13:44 AM

The auto rifle buff certainly made them feel better, but I have to ask why you went a stat investment route over a flat % reduction to recoil.

I know without any context it just sounds like I'm whining for no reason because every weapon should have to invest stats for better value of the weapon...but the reality is, is that a long while ago we got weapons that just got a flat reduction to recoil. Smgs, pulse rifles and a couple other weapons got like a 7-15% recoil reduction. Why are auto rifles hit with a stat investment requirement for recoil control...when other weapons were not? This question makes me scratch my head, because the weapon type that needed it the most (360s) has the lowest average stability and highest recoil unless you fully spec into it. When you fully spec into it they can get over 55 stability which should be slightly over 10% greater effect on its recoil (I have no idea how the buff works). have the low end of 30 meters of range. So to get the most accuracy out of your 360 auto rifle, you have to sacrifice substantial range, which absolutely no other weapon has to do to the same extent. Then to top it off, they deemed a range buff as dangerous because they would be oppressive and shouldn't be in pulse rifle range...despite greatly incentivizing going the lower end of the spectrum for control. That...that just doesn't do it for me. So to get the most accuracy out of your auto, you have to invest heavily into your stability stat. Stability for autos has both the highest influence on how accurate the weapon is now...but it also has the highest influence on their flinch resistance. Both stats so unbelievably important to auto rifle viability that they lock it behind a stat that they can't get a lot of unless they stay in the lower spectrum for ranged primaries, EVEN FOR THE HIGHEST RANGED OPTIONS, because of how much lower on average their stability is, and how atrocious they are to control on controller because of their recoil. So while I finally got what I wanted in better recoil control...they went a route that not only stretches the value of stability unlike any other, but decided that the stat needs to be high for what other weapon types simply got for free. And will even go as far as make statements about their range...while not accounting for JUST HOW BADLY some of our auto rifle archetypes needed their recoil tuned to where full or very high stability is the only way to go. Yeah 600s and 450s didn't really need it but will gladly take the buffs, 360s and 720s needed it big time and are getting the least out of it because they've gotta dump their range for it. I don't know about you guys, but 720s didn't need something to incentivize dropping their already awful range. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here, but this buff feels really aggressive and I don't like it.

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