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Bright Engram Dupes: A list of user reports. (User linked photo) [quote]Title basically. As of this season bright engrams drop already owned shaders from season 15 again.[/quote] - [quote]Bright engrams giving me only "Hazard Pay" shader, happened 7 times[/quote] - [quote]Last couple of bright engrams I opened have me shaders that I already have. Nothing else. Not sure if this is a known issue and if anyone else experienced this.[/quote] - [quote]I had Reef Regalia drop from an eververse engram today, which was a duplicate I already had. I thought this had stopped for shaders after they became permanently available and not applied with glimmer.[/quote] - (user linked video) [quote]I recorded an Xbox clip to make sure I recorded it happening.[/quote] - [quote]Several times this season I've gotten the same shader (which I already had in the first place) "Reef Regalia" from bright engrams. I know that Bungie wants there to be duplicate ships and ghosts in the engrams as a way of keeping it from being a knockout system, but this is kind of ridiculous and I'd like to think it's a bug...[/quote] - [quote]I got a Brigth Engram today and I receive a shader I already had (Reef Regalia). Is that intentional? I though we had an in game protection to not get dupes.[/quote] - [quote]I pulled a bright engram from my season past today and when I went to go open it I got a shader that I already had. Pretty sure you can't get shaders from bright engrams anymore so I might be mistaken, but it was a shader I already had. Hope this gets fixed or if it was just a bug.[/quote] - [quote]I know this is helpful for those who haven't play the season but as for me who I already got the shaders, I see frustration when I got the shader from the engram where I already got it during that season. I wish this is not intended because If I get any of duplication shader again, I feel like I got nothing from the engram, like it's wasted. Please consider this as issue. Thank you. #help[/quote] - [quote]I opened an eververse engram and only received a shader I already owned- Lion's Pride, which I had already obtained back in Season of the Lost. Wanted to be sure this was a known issue.[/quote] - [quote]Hi, Guardians! The Eververse engram that was rewarded to me for reaching lvl. 27 on the Season Pass has dropped [b]Reef's Regalia shader[/b],[b] which I've purchased with bright dust during in Season of The Lost[/b], and that I've also got to wear it a lot on my hunter during said season. Asked a few guardians out there, and one of them mentioned that I'm the second person they know who got this to happen during this season. Anyone else experienced it? I know that duplicated shaders used to be a bug back during Beyond Light's launch if I'm not wrong, but it seems that it's back. Hope it gets fixed. I'm a hardcore shader collector, I love when shaders drop from engrams, but this one was a surprise lol. Thanks![/quote] - [quote]Anyone have shaders dropping w some glimmer as a reward from opening a Bright Engram? I’ve noticed it at least twice this season. Both times it has been a shader that is already in my inventory. This must be a change to the rewards becauseI can’t recall this happening in previous seasons. It’s essentially another Bright Engram rewards nerf.[/quote] - [quote]From season pass and after all I'm getting from them is the Shader Wayfarers Guise. It's constantly that. Why?[/quote] - [quote]Soooo there's seven shaders that say they're obtainable by bright engrams but the past few bright engrams have only given me shaders I already own. Is this a bug or are those seven shaders a lie?[/quote] - [quote]For the second time this season a bright engram has dropped reef regalia. The first time, I was almost certain I already had that one, but figured I must be wrong. The second time, I'm wondering if this is expected or a bug. What should I do, if anything?[/quote] - [quote]In the Bright Engrams, possible rewards from the Season of The Lost (Mara Sov Season) have recently been added, among the options there are 4 shaders, and I just opened a Bright Engram, and I received a Shader that I had already bought at the time, I don't know if this is intentional or a bug, it's common to receive repeated legendary ships/ghosts/sparrows, but I've never seen this happen with a Shader. The same happened with a friend.[/quote] - [quote]The worst possible item to get from a bright engram is a shader you already own. Everything else you already own can at least be deleted for glimmer and legendary shards. Is Bungie looking into this at all?[/quote] - [quote]Been seeing most of my bright engrams recently turning into shaders that I already have in my collections, I don’t think this has happened before this season. For clarification, that’s the only thing, it’s not a legendary sparrow and then a shader it’s just a shader that I already have. If they put shaders in the bright engrams and I never noticed that’s fine I suppose but it’s a bit of a slap in the face to get a shader I’ve already gotten which, admittedly, is most of the shaders. Tell me if it’s always happened and I never noticed but I feel like this is new? At least duplicate sparrows and ships give a little glimmer yk?[/quote] - [quote]In the last 2-3 weeks, maybe longer, I opened maybe 7-8 Bright engrams and I have received 4 reef regalia shaders and one hazard pay shader. Both of which I already had from season of the lost. A friend of mine has received loins pride shader from season of the lost 3-4 times in the last 2-3 weeks as well. So it seems that season of the lost shaders are bugged and still dropping. Maybe this has been an issue longer than 2-3 weeks but I never noticed it. Also has anyone noticed old Sparrows, Ghosts, and Ships from year 1 or even year 2 dropping and not showing up in the recently discovered area? I only bring it up because to me that feels like I'm getting ripped off of a chance at something new. I guess this could be bugged and it is actually new to me, or it's bungies way of making sure you dont get all the stuff available out there. And if you are wondering, there is now way I have all of the ghosts and ships and shaders and sparrows as I didn't start playin until beyond light. So pretty much everything have from back the is from bright engrams, ill try to record it dropping from now on to get "proof" of it[/quote] - [quote]i’ve opened 5 eververse engrams and got the shader Reef Regalia each time.[/quote] - [quote]Really?[/quote] - [quote]Turning in a Bright engram has a good chance to reward a shader already owned and nothing else, which sucks even more than simply getting a duplicate ghost shell / sparrow / ship because at least those give a decent chunk of glimmer and some legendary shards It feels like a huge spit in the face Please, fix this bug soon.[/quote] - [quote]Bright engrams keep giving me the hazard pay shader and this so called "duplicate protection" is BS. bungie is violating their own rules and needs to address this.[/quote] - (User linked video) [quote]Can anyone explain why I got a repeat reef regalia shader?[/quote] - [quote]I just opened a bright engram and received a shader, Wayfarer's Guise. I already own this shader, but are bright engrams even supposed to drop shaders? Can I receive a new bright engram?[/quote] - [quote]Already had 3 shaders drop (that I already owned) and an emote that went to the postmaster (that I already owned) I left it in there. It can get pushed out by blues for all I care.[/quote] - [quote]Can we have an update on why Bright engrams are giving duplicates of things we already have consistently? I've have the lions pride shader 3 times this season which I already owned and multiple duplicate legendary ships and ghosts. Is this a thing now? Is there no point in ranking up past level 100?[/quote] - [quote]Nessa temporada eu, ao abrir engramas do eververso, recebi 2 tonalizadores que eu já possuo. Posso receber tonalizadores "repetidos" agora?[/quote] - *I realized half way through I should have quoted and copied their text bodies to include in addition to their links*, but I think the main point still stands that this is an unacknowledged issue. Hopefully someone from Bungie can officially forward this to the appropriate channels? *Edited to include post quotes.

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