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8/20/2022 7:05:40 PM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C8 PT1

[b]Chapter 8. The Speaker [/b] Jack followed closely behind Cayde and Ikora as they made their way through the courtyard and down a large corridor. Cayde looked back at her, slowing his pace so he could walk beside her. He placed his hand on her shoulder and whispered, "Don't be nervous; he's a little bit of a weirdo, but he knows what he's talking about." "I'm not nervous," she whispered back. Cayde scoffed, "You're a bad liar, kid," he paused as he stared down at her, "How's Sheldon?" She frowned, "He's been quiet all morning. I think he's still trying to process everything," she sighed and shook her head, "I don't know, this whole thing weirds me out." "Yeah, I get it," Cayde nodded, "I'd be weirded out too if Sundance started speaking differently." "Sundance?" "Yeah, she's my Ghost." "She?" Jack was honestly surprised, "I didn't think there were female Ghosts." "Yup, and she never shuts up." Jack laughed and nudged this Exo, "Sounds like her Guardian." Cayde exchanged her laugh and ruffled her hair, "Please, I'm way more annoying than she is!" They walked out of the corridor and into a section where what looked to be a tower sat. Jack stared at it in amazement as red cloth hung from the poles attached to the walls, and a red carpet was laid about. They entered the tower, and in the middle of the room sat a large pit with a green hologram of a ball. "What is that?" Jack leaned over to whisper to Cayde. "Honestly... I have no idea." "Ikora, Cayde, it is always good to see you." The trio looked up to see a man in long white robes and a mask walk down a set of stairs. "The pleasure is ours, Speaker," Ikora gave a nod, "We have someone we'd like you to meet," she walked over to Jack and rested her hand on her shoulder, "This is Jack, she-" "I was told about her," the Speaker interrupted. Cayde gasped and, in an excited voice, asked, "Ooh! Did you have a vision?!" "No," he replied, "Elizabeth told me." "Man, she really gets around," Jack joked as Cayde groaned in disappointment, Ikora pressing a finger to her lips, indicating for the two to be quiet. "You must have no end of questions, Guardian," the Speaker spoke softly as he ushered Jack to walk with him. She eyed Cayde and Ikora, and once they nodded, she followed, "You have no idea, like, what is the darkness and why-" "We still do not understand many things about the Traveler and its enemy..." "Sooo, you don't know?" The Speaker remained silent for a moment, "May I see your Ghost?" She shrugged, a little irritated he didn't answer her question, "Not up to me." "Do you not know how to summon him?" He questioned. Jack answered, "No, even if I did, it's up to him if he wants to talk to you." The Speaker stared at her for a moment; she could practically see the gears turning in his head. Just as the Speaker opened his mouth to speak, Sheldon appeared. His orange body was dirty from the years of being out in the wilderness, but other than that, he was perfectly fine. "How intriguing," the Speaker whispered before looking towards the Vanguard, "And you said he was malfunctioning? He seems perfectly fine." Jack breathed deeply, trying to control her frustration at the mention of her friend' malfunctioning.' She had to stay calm, much like with Elizabeth; she didn't know how the Vanguard would take to her snapping at the Speaker. "Oh yeah," Cayde spoke up, "Guy was twitchin' and stutterin' like crazy; it wasn't until we got behind the wall he started acting normal." "I see..." The masked man rubbed his chin before turning his gaze to Sheldon, "Tell me, Ghost, what was the first thing you remember?" They all stared at Sheldon; the Ghost twitched slightly as he thought, his eye blinking before entirely focusing on the Speaker. "I don't remember much," Sheldon answered, "I just remember scanning a road full of corpses and rusted metal. Then, I saw a bright light illuminating a particular skeleton. The body began to reform when I approached it, and... There was Jack. I don't remember much of what happened to me before I found her," he paused as he seemed to stare off into space, "I remember darkness and bright light, a large creature that would hover over me and grab me. I remember the purple skies and garbled chittering... I'm sorry, but that's all I can remember." The Speaker nodded before humming softly, "The Traveler, I believe its light must have healed whatever had been corrupting him," he looked at the Ghost, "Have you been able to heal her?" Sheldon nodded, "Yes, though the more damage she falls under, the harder and longer it is for me to properly heal her. I often feel very drained afterward and have to take some time to recover." The Speaker sighed tiredly before continuing. "I'd suggest trying to figure out what else her Ghost can do. Possibly, he became corrupted by either the darkness or some other means... he could be detached from the Traveler. Meaning it is more than likely that Sheldon cannot revive her due to not having much light, which means she won't be able to practice in the Crucible," he looked at Cayde and Ikora, "What is she?" "She's a Hunter," Ikora responded. He nodded and turned his attention to Cayde, "Due to her situation, I'd recommend you personally train her. You both know how… close-minded… other Guardians can be of those with no light. She'd be the safest training with a Vanguard." Cayde nodded, "Sounds good to me." The Speaker then turned to Jack and rested his hand on her shoulder, his gaze shifting between her and Sheldon, "I understand that both of you are scared, but you have to trust us. We only have your best interest in mind." She tensed at his touch; she felt even more uncomfortable than she did with Elizabeth, "Right..." If you say so... He nodded and turned away to look at Ikora and Cayde; they took this as a sign that he was finished with the conversation. Cayde reached over and rested his hand on Jack's shoulder, gently guiding her out of the Speakers tower, Sheldon disappearing as they left.

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