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originally posted in: Exotic Weapon idea
7/3/2022 12:20:24 PM
That's pretty cool but we actually need more exotics that are viable against bosses/endgame. Right now I don't use exotic heavies against bosses because they simply underperform What we need first is a complete rework of all exotic weapons and armor to suit the new void and solar subclasses and the soon to be reworked arc subclass. Out of all exotics weapons I barely use any except for witherhoard/arbalest. A threaded needle out-dmges 1000 voices, it out dmges Sleeper Simulant. It out dmges Queenbreaker. So there you go that's 3 worthless exotic heavies. A Stormchaser outdmges a threaded needle, do I need to repeat myself? Same thing goes for most exotic special weapons. All useless. The new solar shotgun can roll Incandescent. Why use the exotic solar shotguns at all? They don't work with Solar 3.0. Same goes with exotic armor. Before we bring in new exotics, like Heartshadow which only has 50 ammo base where you can only do the slow--blam!- 4 ammo costing heavy attack 12 times is a niche weapon for easy content. Honestly we don't need more niche weapons. We need a rework of all current weapons and armor. That's my 2 cents, thank you for your idea though but for most people that have over 500-1000 hours into the game we'd really like to see a rework of all the exotics we don't use at all. For example Sturm overcharge doesn't work with Lucky Pants. But Erianas Vow does?! Alright. See, it's the simple things that make a game great. Right now I don't see any use of most exotic weapons/ armor at all. Aside from the Lorelei helmet almost no exotic armor pairs well with Solar 3.0. Dawn Chorus lmao give me a break. I tried it and it's horrible. Right now for warlocks with solar 3.0 I only see the fusion rifle boots working well for them. Hunters... smh. Which exotic armor pairs well with solar 3.0? Calibans Hand? Hahaha the effort required to setup those explosions. We have literally dozens and dozens of exotic armor and weapons that are NOT USED AT ALL with these void and solar 3.0 changes. It's either heart of inmost light or some other ability regen exotic like Frosties or whatever that's meta. Just discard the rest. We honestly don't need new exotics. Just reworked ones. And that's not going to happen, knowing Bungie.

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