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8/31/2021 9:55:43 PM

Please Do something more with clans underutilized

You know nothing has really been done to improve clans since its launch. The premise was sound and good. But it feels a bit abandoned at the momment. That happens alot with bungie I feel . I mean clans in the years since it was introduced has not so much recived a update to anything other then the flag perks. It has received no functionality updates. Its recived no updates in this app for things like more clan flag picture and designe options , or no new color pallet added to the slim pool of choices. Its recived no admin options for clan leaders. No boost to clan size. Nothings been done with the staffs we collected every season. Nothinfs been done to help promote community growth and appreciation in clans. Or to help people want to help people. That's one of the biggest draw backs to clans is the lack of rewards. In a perfect world every body helps every body. But in reality even in clans. People have jobs, or school, or they just are to burn out on grinding gear most the time or burnt to help people. Clans could be a much bigger aspect in the game. With you removing so many key features we have had since d1 like factions. And not really putting anything back into the world to replace that system . Clans could go along way to help give people more end game reasons to play. My recommendations to make clans a bigger part of the end game 1 offer a full suit of clan based weapons every few seasons. A FULL Suit with your clans insignia on them. 2 clan themed exotics 1 or 2 a season. These weapons both exotic and legendary would have both single player pve and pvp perks. But also specialized clan perks that and bonus and bluffs for playing with clan mates. 3 offer a clan armor set every season. That we can customize at ada1. Or with hawthorn- this is gonna relate to number 4 later. But allow us to get armor with agein or clan insignia and colors on them. And have a seasonal ornament for said armor maybe. 4 introduce more of hawthorns clan. We dont really get to get a human. Perspective of all the crazy events going on in the world of destiny. A civilian side of things. By introducing a few more members of hawthroens clan you expand the lore. Fill out the ghost town of a tower a bit more. And offer more things to the economy. This is what I always said should have been done with the farm. Have hawthrones mechanic who has her own suit of customizable sparrows and ships. Agein that you can get your clan insignia and colors on. But also that you can add things like extrea boost. Armor mods for your sparrow so they dont explode after one shot. Gravity lifts so when you jump off a cliff on your sparrow you do t just hit the ground and explode. Ect ect. Have Hawthorne have her own. Weapon vender or scout. Who either has a full suit of clan themed weapons. Or who has bounties for patrol missions and a cyde like treasure maps. That lead to emblems. Exotic ghost shells , ships, and even mods. 5# add seasonal clan side storys. Seasons have been lazer focused on one big stories for idk how long now. But because that story is drip feed out. Week after week. That leaves alot of players board. But by providing additional side storys to chase in the world it helps keep that feeling of exploration going. And you can set hints to future things down the line be it big or small. Personally I'd love to hear about alot of other aspects of the world. Clans like I said before could give us a chance to learn about the human struggle through all these wars and fights. Not just civilians but also humans fighting along side guardians through all this . And humans out in the world fighting there own battles through all these enimies races and threats . Example we have not heard anything from dev since he was introduced. It would be great to get a cut sceane. Or better yet a mission where he helps from out in the wild snipping enimies ect. Heck even just some new written diloge. From him season in and out. 6# Lastly FUNCTIONALITY- Bungie has not increased clan size since it launched. They added a these things to the u.i in game admin check messages. But there is no real functionality. You cant do anything in game other thing check clan invites. No real admin features no chat. A big issue I have run into with clans is people complaining they dont really do much for them. This being because A#Half the time most the people in there clans are MIA. Or #B they are lone world types and dont really need much help C# they have there own group of friends and Dont feel the need to ask for help or help others. MY SOULTION to all these things are as follows A# add a feature that allows you to link your clan to brother and sister clans. By doing these. People dont feel the need to jump ship when there is no content out and people I there clans are not on as much. This allows them to still get the benefits of clans. And allows for a much bigger pool of resources. B# and this one might sound a little wonky. Idk how they would do it. But give admins a few emblems every season to hand out to clan mates. For things like MVP, Clan sherpa , battle master. Rookie of the year. Veteran ect ect. To show that they apprecite people who have stuck it out in there clan. Or who help people with raids every week, or in the iron banner ever season. Or just completeling quest. Give clans leaders and admins a way to show there clan mates they apprecite them. This also motivates new people to help others more. C#update the app with new clan flag images and options. Expand the color wheel. And add more pictures to allow people to feel a bit more representstion. Give them more room to express there self and there pride. It's a small world. And everyone wants to be different . Let them as they say let your freak flag fly. Also do something with all the clan flag staffs we collect every season. There pointless. Why not allow people who complete them every season. To pick 2 perks from idk a pool of like 30 or 40 every season to keep on those staffs. When ever they equpe that staff. They get not only the perks of the current season. But there 2 bonus perks they picked. And make the 30 or 40 perks very. Not all of them have to relate to playing with clan mates. This gives those lone wolf types more of a reason to care about completing there flag every season. D# add a bountie board much like what we had in d1 to the current tower. Have it be much nicer then that. Maybe give hawthronw her own fancy area. Or update her area to add some screens and mechines....... anyway players could walk up to this " board " in game and post hmm like a flyer. For there clan weekly. It's kinda lame you have to look through clans on the app only. What if you could scroll through clans in the tower. See there flags . Read there clan intro or whatever. And join . Also maybe let the clan admin choose from a special set of weapons. Maybe even idk ritual weapons at the beginning of every season. And anyone who joins the clan and stays for up to 3 weeks gets said weapon. Old that's it I know that was a mouthful but hopefully I expressed what I think clans could be and put some more postive views and idea in other peoples heads wit out shhhh!@ all over them like most people.

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