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[BNG] PC FPS Issues Megathread - UPDATE June 22

Hey, community. [url=]We're currently investigating FPS issues on PC[/url]. [quote][b]UPDATES [/b] [quote][b]June 22, 2021[/b] Last night, AMD released [url=]Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.6.1[/url] that fixes some Radeon Graphics products that were experiencing lower than expected performance in Destiny 2. AMD users may want to change their [i]Settings > Preferred Software Version[/i] to [i]Recommended + Optional[/i] for future updates.[/quote] [quote][b]June 3, 2021[/b] In our [url=]TWaB blog post[/url], we acknowledged that we made some major engine changes with the launch of Beyond Light - while working from home. Due to the pandemic, we haven't had access to our PC compatibility lab to do in-depth testing. We've been making improvements with each release even though they aren't called out in patch notes, and we're working with our partners to help address these issues and are optimistic about the future. [/quote] [quote][b]January 29, 2021[/b] We have looked over the data post 3.0.2 launch: -- High-end users saw big improvements: we're about halfway back to pre-Beyond Light perf. -- Mid-range systems didn't see much improvement. -- Low-end and laptops didn't see much improvement. We're continuing to investigate and look for solutions toward better performance. [/quote] [quote][b]January 19, 2021[/b] We released[url=] Update 3.0.2[/url] that optimized Lighting on PC GPUs to help increase performance. -- Many folks have mentioned [b]turning off the Shader Cache in the NVIDIA Control Panel[/b]. Does this help with performance?[/quote] [quote][b]December 14, 2020[/b] We believe we found a few issues related to light probes that have led to GPU performance degradation. We're still investigating and hope to have a resolution in January.[/quote][/quote] Please use this thread to help us track down what is causing the issue by: [quote][b]1[/b]. Posting when and where you are having FPS issues in the game [b]2[/b]. Quitting out of all open apps and browsers while playing to see if there are any improvements [b]3[/b]. Posting your PC specs with your DxDiag by following the instructions in the spoiler tag [spoiler][quote]• Press (Windows Key + R) to bring up the Run dialog box, enter this command “dxdiag” without quotation marks. • Click on “Save all information”. • Copy the text and use a text dump website (i.e. [url=][/url]) to paste the information. Please don't use Google Drive, Dropbox, or another similar service. • Create a link and post it here with your PC specs[/quote][/spoiler][/quote] Additionally, below are some suggestions that may help FPS issues: [quote][b]1.[/b] [url=]Verify the integrity of your game files[/url] in the Steam app. [b]2.[/b] [url=]Remove your CVARS.xml[/url] file. [b]3.[/b] Try lowering your graphics settings, capping your FPS, lowering your FOV, and changing your Window Mode to Windowed. [b]4.[/b] Turn VSYNC on and/or off. [b]5.[/b] Lower the clockspeed of your GPU. [b]6.[/b] Lower your hz on your monitor. [b]7.[/b] [url=]Remove the Windows Gamebar[/url]. [b]8.[/b] [url=]Edit your Radeon Gaming Settings and Shader Cache[/url] if you use a AMD Radeon card or Reset/Optimize your game's graphic settings if you use NVIDIA GeForge Experience [b]9.[/b] Check your CPU cooler/fan to see if it's having issues or needs an update. [b]10.[/b] [url=]Manually specify that Destiny 2 should use your GPU in your PC Graphic Settings[/url]. [b]11.[/b] [url=]Go into Windows Audio Settings and change it to 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality)[/url]. [b]12.[/b] Use your laptop's Power cable. [b]13.[/b] Disable ALL non-100% essential background apps/services. [b]14.[/b] Disable any CPU/RAM overclock in the BIOS/UEFI. [b]15.[/b] Reduce mouse polling rate to 500ms or below [b]16.[/b] Turn SLI GPUBoost Sync to "No" if you have that option. [/quote]

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