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:: Updating Warlock Exotics Armor ::

[u][b]Felwinter’s Helm[/b][/u]: • Powered melee hits Stagger & Disrupt targets. • Powered melee final blows create a burst of energy that weaken nearby targets. • Finishers against more powerful foes create a burst of energy lengthening the effects & increasing the radius of the burst. • Gain increased damage resistance, when in close proximity to weakened targets. (40%) [u][b]Winter’s Guile[/b][/u]: • Melee final blows increase melee damage. • Powered melee final blows fully refund melee energy. • Finishers refund a large portion of melee energy. (20%) [u][b]Skull of Dire Ahamkara[/b][/u]: • Void super final blows grant super energy. • Gain an additional 7% damage resistance, while using your void super. [u][b]The Stag[/b][/u]: • Gain an additional Rift • Grant rift energy, when critically wounded. (45%) • Weapon final blows while standing in a rift grant rift energy. (14%) • Create a solar flame pit on death, burning targets caught inside. (think Witherhorde) [u][b]Apotheosis Veil[/b][/u]: • Regain your health, & abilities; when casting Super. • Nearby allies regain class abilities faster. • +16 intellect will always be granted. • Finishers increase super recharge rate, for nearby allies. (17%) • Restore your allies class ability, whenever you revive your allies. [u][b]Astrocyte Verse[/b][/u]: • Blink further, & more frequently. • Blink while criticality wounded, activates health regeneration. • Weapons ready quickly, when you come out of blink. • Your radar remains active, while in blink. [u][b]Vesper of radius[/b][/u]: • Rifts release a shockwave, when cast. • Rifts recharge faster, when surrounded by enemies. • Release a shockwave, when critically wounded, inside your rift. • Release an additional shockwave, when enemies step inside your rift. [u][b]Sanguine alchemy[/b][/u]: • Gain “true sight”, when you get a kill in any rift. True sight distance drops off at 25 meters. • Your rift now last for 7 seconds. Weapon final blows, while in any rift; pause the rifts countdown, for 4 seconds. Continuous weapon final blows refresh the pause. [u][b]Chromatic Fire[/b][/u]: • Kinetic Precision final blow create an elemental explosion, that matches your subclass. • Works with void | arc | solar | stasis | New Element | New Element | • Each explosion type has its own statue effect • Void surpasses | Soler burns | Arc chains lighting | Stasis slows | New Element | New Element | [u][b]Stormdancer’s brace[/b][/u]: • Every enemy takedown with Stormtrance increases the damage you deal, with Stormtrance. • Overcharge your grenade & melee abilities, based on the number of enemy takedowns, while in stormtrance. Grain an unlimited usage of these abilities, for a short time. • 1 takedown counts as 1 second on the timer display, after your super ends. During this time; the player is allowed to throw unlimited grenades, & fully charged melee attacks, until the timer runs out. This timer caps at 10 seconds. [u][b]Promethium spur[/b][/u]: • Your rift is larger, & last longer. • Strafe faster, while in any rift. • Killing enemies while standing in any rift, will spawn a rift at their location. • Super takedowns create a healing & empowering rift at their location. [u][b]NEW EXOTIC IDEAS BELOW[/b][/u] [u][b]Fender’s Legacy: Chest[/b][/u]: • Casting well of radiance will place a medium scale shield in front of your sword, Granting you additional defense, from oncoming damage. This shield can be broken, if enough damage is taken. • Pressing ?? + ??: deactivates well of radiance early, & saves super energy. [u][b]Lion Heart: Guantlet[/b][/u]: • Gain an additional firebolt grenade • Firebolt grenades burn targets on impact • Firebolt grenades activate faster & have one additional bolt [u][b]Cerebral Mind: Helm[/b][/u]: • Holding your cataclysm nova bomb will build an additional super charge, & increases its damage, by 1% to 100%. Casting your nova bomb expels both charges • Void ability kills grant additional super energy, when your base super is fully charged..! [u][b]Viola Abyss: Legs[/b][/u]: • Standing inside any rift for an extended period, grants invisibility. • Health & overshield recharge faster, while invisible. • Final blows while in any rift make you go invisible.

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