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Heavy-ammo D.A.R.C.I.? More like, white-ammo D.A.R.C.I.?

I was interested in weaponcraft since I used to admire VEIST's futuristic but poisonous design, when first D2 gameplay was shown at stream. After that I went to other Foundries. Some of them are season-themed, some of them resemble weaponcrafts that could be in real life. I'm talking about Häkke, a Foundry that survived Red War and remains alive after most of all events in Destiny Universe. I like their red-beige stuff, and reminds me of desert camoflage on FN SCAR rifles. All of their artworks are cool, they can be manufactured, but most of them are made wrong. They have Vector-like scout rifles, which use bull-pup magazine well instead of Vector receiver, altered UZI with frozen folding stocks as submachine guns, TAR-21 as Pulse Rifles, whilst TAR-21 stands for "Tavor Assault Rifle-21", which means to be either semi-auto or full-auto weapon. And for Sidearms they prefer Glock 17 with only semi-automatic fire mode... Despite having so many nonsences in weapons, there is one weapon that identical to well-known Exotic Sniper Rifle. The D.A.R.C.I. model is identical to Song of Justice VI, a New Monarchy Scout Rifle introduced in Faction Rally... *invisible pain* I still miss this weapon so much even after playing on console until Shadowkeep release. Anyway, despite nostalgic moments, these guns have many in common. Stocks, recoil pads, upper and lower receivers, bolts, cocking levers, grips, barrels (on D.A.R.C.I. there is attached different silencer than Song of Justice can boast with), handguards, accessory rails, magazines, even triggers and trigger guards! The exotic version of NM Scout Rifle is upgraded with scope and boxy thing under barrel in front of magazine decorated with blue wires if we speak about weapon model without ornament. However, even if we add scope with ballistic calculator and health tracker on Song of Justice, it will remain to be a Song of Justice as logic can answer this question. Adding some heavy scope and battery under barrel (I can suggest it's a computer battery) and silencer of different design on Scout Rifle and loading magazine of the same caliber but different type as like as AP-rounds or incendiary rounds (or might be there are just light blue tracer rounds for lazertag game, no?) does not make Song of Justice a Heavy Sniper Rifle with lowered from 150 to 140 RPM, but just overweight. It might be a Sava... I mean Banshee-44's design of this [i]special[/i] modification of Häkke's Song of Justice, but Bungie might said to him: "no, this will be a Heavy weapon because it's as long as our game development experience and overweight with a scope with ballistic calculator and health tracher and battery and silencer and... and... and light blue tracer rounds look cool, so we pretend it is arc damage hahaha". To conclusion, I tried to express my vision of solution of returning the worst exotic back to life. Maybe Bungie will decide should they make this weapon as a special one or primary, letting it to be an Exotic. If they will rework it, D.A.R.C.I. should be a Special, because we had an Exotic sniper rifle as a primary in D1. What do you think about it?

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