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4/19/2021 10:48:48 PM

In anticipation for Guardian Games, I came up with a concept for Class Exclusive Exotic Weapons.

As the title says, I decided to come up with some concepts for Class-Based Exotic Weapons to celebrate the upcoming Guardian Games. I know Destiny 2 doesn't have many Class-Exclusive Weapons, and I do think there is good reasoning behind that, I also feel something like this could be a fun incentive for the Guardian Games. I tried to be creative and clever with both the Weapon Types and Perks, creating what I feel are unique and fun weapons for each class, but let me know what you guys think. If Bungie is somehow seeing this, feel free to steal them (or offer me a job... jk, unless...?). [u]Titans[/u] [b]Impenetrable Force[/b] [i]Weapon Type:[/i] Grenade Launcher (Special Ammo) [i]Damage Type:[/i] Solar [i]Magazine/Reserves:[/i] 6/18 [i]Description:[/i] Appears similar to the weapons wielded by the Cabal Phalanx, except bulkier and bigger, with a large casing, and fires high-powered solar shells that explode on impact. It contains 4 small triangular off-shoots near the front of the weapon which extend outward to form the shield. Unique Perks: Main Perk - Phalanx Spear Double-tapping your class ability button while holding this weapon deploys a shield at the front of the gun, which moves with the weapon (obviously) and uses your barricade. This shield has about half the normal hit points of a standard barricade and doesn’t cover the Titan's whole body, meaning a small portion of the Titan’s legs are vulnerable (as well as his sides and back). Switching Weapons or sprinting removes the barricade. Secondary Perk - Reactive Force After using Phalanx Spear, the weapon’s shots are empowered for 5 seconds, dealing bonus damage and exploding with a larger blast radius. The duration is refreshed if the shield takes damage, but if the buff expires, it does not reactivate upon the shield taking damage. [i]Lore:[/i] A weapon made during the tense ‘peace’ between [spoiler]Empress Caiatl and Zavala.[/spoiler] It uses Phalanx Shield Technology powered by Light to create a special barricade. It was commissioned for the Guardian Games, with Zavala determined to create a weapon that symbolized both the peace and progress of the Last City and of course, a weapon to represent the unrelenting strength of the Titans. [u]Warlocks[/u] [b]Eternal Fault[/b] [i]Weapon Type:[/i] Shotgun [i]Damage Type:[/i] Void [i]Magazine/Reserves:[/i] 3/15 [i]Description:[/i] Appears like a somewhat dismantled Fusion Rifle which slowly becomes consumed by Void energy as you move towards the barrel, with the barrel itself being two rails of raw void energy. Unique Perks: Main Perk - Voidsplitter Slugs Fires a singular slug of raw Void force. Killing an enemy with this weapon creates either healing or empowering rift (whichever you have equipped) centered on where the enemy died. These rifts only grant ¾ the normal effects of that rift and have ½ the normal duration. Only one rift can be active at a time, creating a rift with your class ability or killing another enemy with this weapon removes another active rift. If you have an active rift created from your class ability, this perk is disabled until that rift disappears. Secondary Perk - World Break While standing within a rift, including those created by this weapon, the weapon's slug travels much farther and has much less damage fall-off, allowing it to be used effectively as a mid-ranged weapon. Kills while under the effect of World Break do not create a new Rift. [i]Lore:[/i] A weapon made by Ikora Rey as she studied ways to make the Warlock Rifts stronger. Initially designed to be a Fusion Rifle, the unstable void energy caused the weapon to fire singular, short-ranged slugs that fizzled out quickly. Still, those slugs seemed to create minor rifts on impact, so Ikora decided to assign its usage to her greatest Warlocks for the upcoming Guardian Games. [u]Hunters[/u] [b]Tactical Tempest[/b] [i]Weapon Type:[/i] Fusion Rifle [i]Damage Type:[/i] Arc [i]Magazine/Reserves:[/i] 8/24 [i]Description:[/i] Looks similar to Taken Wire Rifles, but overcharged with arc energy and various extensions in various areas, including a specialized handle which the wielder’s arm would slide through. Unique Perks: Main Perk - Thunder Trick Double-tapping dodge whilst looking at an enemy within a few meters of you (and while you are holding this weapon) consumes the dodge and causes you to teleport behind that enemy (with an animation similar to the way Fallen teleport), and switching you to face their back. Your next shot with this weapon against that enemy with this weapon deals bonus damage if done within a couple of seconds of the teleport. Secondary Perk - Adaptive Storm Tapping the trigger fires a blast of 4 projectiles similar to most Fusion Rifles, but is only effective at a short-range. Holding the trigger charges up a singular, long-range bolt that does increased precision damage. [i]Lore:[/i] Designed by a collaboration between The Spider and The Drifter, it was made by the Drifter to give Hunters a bit of an edge in the Guardian Games. It uses Fallen Technology and attaches to the Hunter’s arm, allowing them to use Arc Light to move in a similar way to the Fallen, allowing their already incredible mobility to be enhanced to surprise their opponents. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this, let me know what you think of these ideas.

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