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Inconsistency of Raid Weapon Light Levels and Sunsetting

Just making a little post here for an issue that I confuses me a bit..... My goal for this is just to post my opinion as a player, and give feedback. Back during season of arrivals, Bungie noted in one of their TWABs that they were going to update all raid weapons from Last Wish, and Garden of Salvation to season 11 gear power caps which were 1360. It was nice to see that I am able to use my Chattering Bone for a few more seasons. However, when Beyond Light launched, I noticed the cap for the raid weapons for both of the previously mentioned raid were now at a new cap of 1410. I saw that, and I got happy knowing I could use my chattering bone for awhile longer, until I looked at my old Chattering Bone, and saw that it was capped at 1360. This confused me for a few reasons.... 1. There is no evidence of power creep in this scenario. Both the 1410 versions and 1360 versions of the raid weapons from LW and GoS have the same perk rolls. So Bungie stating my old gun is causing issues, so in order to fix those issues, I need to replace it with the same exact thing..... If there were new perks, I may understand, but their is no difference between the versions. That's like telling me I cannot enter a shooting range competition with one rifle, because it would be unfair since it was made one year earlier than the exact same, "newer" rifle someone is trying to get me to use. As a player, I just do not think this argument holds up.... According to someone I saw on here stating sunsetting engaging is to vent power out from a player so they can chase new power. That makes sense, but with the rolls being the same on both versions, sunsetting my old version vents power out, but it does not make me chase new power, it makes me scramble to reclaim the old stuff I already had. To me that's just not engaging... 2. The activities were not updated to new caps, with new rewards. The activities are still at the 1050 power cap, which I understand is the new base power. But overall, the raids were not made any different. They still give the same experience, and the same loot. The only difference is the loot has a new sticker, and level cap. This tells me, the player, that in order to keep using the gun I already have, I have to keep playing a functionally activity the same activity over, and over that has not been updated to include new mechanics or anything in order to [u]hope[/u] I get the same roll on a weapon that was not even changed is not really that fun. It makes activity become boring, and makes me want to grind less since all I am doing is regrinding the same activity in order to receive the power I already had back. So in short, It's confusing to me that Bungie ups the light level cap of some gear in the loot pool without making any changes to those guns' perk pools, but tells players their old version has to stay at the old cap. This is not a fun power chase. This feels like a busy work to get back to having fun with the gear I like. If bungie would update old gear that they are not making changes too then I would feel as a player my time is invested, but now it just sends mixed messages to a player like me. All I feel now is that Bungie is stating that I should not be allowed to use the exact same gun with the exact same perk pool as the gun next to me due to the fact I played the same activity two years ago. Go play the activity again if you want to keep using it, is what the game tells me, but doing the same thing over, and over to get the back to the same spot just doesn't feel rewarding. It just feels like busy work. These are just my thoughts. Love to have a discussion, stay civil everyone! : )

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