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:: Warlock Void Subclass :: ((UPDATED))

[b][u]ABILITIES[/u][/b] [b][u]Rift[/u][/b]: Healing Rift | Empowering Rift | [b][u]Jumps[/u][/b]: Burst Glide | Strafe Glide | Blink | [b][u]MELEE ABILITIES[/u][/b] [b][u]Devour[/u][/b]: (REVAMPED) Kills with this melee ability fully regenerate your health, & grant an over shield. (Overshield health sits at around 45, for 8 seconds) [b][u]Entropic Pull[/u][/b]: Charged melee hits drain your opponents life force, to restore a large portion of your grenade ability. [b][u]Atomic Breach[/u][/b]: Charged melee hits lunge your opponent away, & fill them with void light - causing them to explode. [b][u]GRENADE ABILITIES[/u][/b] Vortex | Axion | Scatter | [b][u]SUPERS[/u][/b] Vortex | Cataclysm | Nova Warp | [b][u]FRAGMENTS[/u][/b] :: [i]Can only hold 2 at a time[/i] :: [b][u]Dark Matter[/u][/b]: Ability kills restore a portion of your grenade | melee | rift | health. [b][u]Insatiable Hunger[/u][/b]: (REVAMPED) Overcharged ability final blows (I.e handheld | overcharged grenades | super ability) activate a timer & fully restore your health. Each kill while the timer’s present will reset your timer, & continue to fully restore your health. +20 Resilience [b][u]Bloom[/u][/b]: (REVAMPED) Void ability kills will fill the enemy with Void Light, & cause a concussive explosion. +10 strength [b][u]Embrace The Void[/u][/b]: (NEW) Gain a substantial increase to your movement speed, & health regeneration for each fully charged ability. That includes your grenade | melee | rift. 1x stacked increase for each ability charged. +10 recovery +10 mobility [b][u]Cosmetic Collapse[/u][/b]: (NEW) Restore a large portion of both your grenade & melee abilities, when critically wounded. -15 disciple -15 strength [b][u]ASPECTS[/u][/b] :: [i]Can only hold 1 at a time[/i] :: [b][u]Handheld Supernova[/u][/b]: Hold your melee ability to fill it with void light. Release to throw a flurry of horizontal spheres to vaporize your opponent. [b][u]Overcharged[/u][/b]: Hold your grenade ability to fill it with void light. Release to throw a more powerful variation of your grenade ability. [b][u]Unholy Devour[/u][/b]: (NEW) Hold your grenade ability to consume it, & gain a significant portion of your super ability. -10 Intellect -10 discipline [b][u]Chaotic Combustion[/u][/b]: (NEW) Fill yourself with void light, to trigger a massive void explosion upon death. +20 intellect [b][u]Abyssal Sacrifice[/u][/b]: (NEW) Forsake your super ability, to gain an additional melee | grenade | rift. Your additional abilities will always be enhanced - via damage & duration, when fully charged. +10 discipline +10 strength +10 recovery :: Check out the Arc Subclass Rework [url=]Here[/url] :: :: Check out the Solar Subclass Rework [url=]Here[/url] :: :: Check out the Ice Breaker Rework [url=]Here[/url] ::

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