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:: Warlock Arc Subclass :: ((UPDATED))

[b][u]ABILITIES[/u][/b] [b][u]Rift[/u][/b]: Healing Rift | Empowering Rift | [b][u]Jumps[/u][/b]: Burst Glide | Strafe Glide | Balanced | [b][u]MELEE ABILITIES[/u][/b] [b][u]Chaotic Shock[/u][/b]: (NEW) A one handed melee attack that staggers & Disrupts enemies. [b][u]Gale Force[/u][/b]: A longer ranged double handed melee attack that recharges super energy upon hit. [b][u]Ball Lighting[/u][/b]: (REVAMPED) A ranged melee attack which shoots out a slow moving projectile that radiates lightning, and detonates on impact. Enemies caught in the blast are blinded for a short time. [b][u]GRENADE ABILITIES[/u][/b] Arcbolt | Pulse | Storm | [b][u]SUPERS[/u][/b] Storm Trance | Chaos Reach | Voltaic Soul (NEW) [b][i]Voltaic Soul: Explained[/i][/b] Blast arc light into the ground to create a stationary turret to aid you in battle. The turret will fire a highly powered Linear arc beam at a single foe within 27 meters. Enemies killed by your turret trigger a massive explosion, dealing additional damage. The turret will last for 25 seconds or until it fires 7 shots. Each shot has a charge time of 1000, & can be destroyed in PvP if it takes enough damage. The turret is also Hit scan, not travel time. [b][u]FRAGMENTS[/u][/b] :: [i]Can only hold 3 at a time[/i] :: [b][u]Arc Web[/u][/b]: (REVAMPED) Arc abilities chain lightning to nearby enemies. Kills restore a small potion of your abilities. [b][u]Rising Storm[/u][/b]: (REVAMPED) Your rift ability recharge faster when allies are nearby. Stacks up to 6x +5 recovery [b][u]Ionic Trace[/u][/b]: (REVAMPED) Killing enemies has a chance to sprout spikes of arc energy, which partially refill grenade, melee, & rift energy when collected. [b][u]Pulse Wave[/u][/b]: (REVAMPED) Gain increased melee damage & a speed boost for you & your allies, when critically wounded. +15 recovery +5 mobility [b][u]Transcendence[/u][/b]: Casting your super ability fully restores your health & extends its duration, when cast with a full grenade | melee | rift ability. -10 intellect [b][u]ASPECTS[/u][/b] :: [i]Can only hold 2 at a time[/i] :: [b][u]Arc Soul[/u][/b]: Your rift now grants you & your allies an Arc Soul to assist it in battle. [b][u]Molecular Trance[/u][/b]: (NEW) Activate your super early to go invisible. Elemental damage is significantly reduced, while invisible. (1/10 cost) +10 intellect [b][u]Arcane Jolt[/u][/b]: (NEW) Hold your melee ability to fuse arc energy into your weapons, and gain a significant boost to weapon ready speed, reload, target acquisition, & stability. This effect lasts for 8.0 seconds. +10 strength [b][u]Arcane Link[/u][/b]: (NEW) Arc weapon hits will fill your enemy with arc light, & cause them to explode when killed. Stacks up to 10x. (1 being small 10 being chromatic Fire sized) :: Check out the Void Subclass Rework [url=]Here[/url] :: :: Check out the Solar Subclass Rework [url=]Here[/url] :: Check out the Ice Breaker Rework [url=]Here[/url] ::

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