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12/10/2020 9:57:44 PM

I am unable to receive items from Prime Gaming correctly

I've contacted twich's customer service twice and still haven't solved the problem of my in-game account not receiving the correct props, so I'm trying to get help from bungie. I confirmed that the account was not tied incorrectly or untied and that they could be picked up correctly until this and the last issue. twich shows that I already have them, but I really didn't receive them in my game, if bungie can check the items in my account. Here is a customer service conversation that may help you understand my question. Twich Customer Service [3:48:58] : Looks like it was a tiket case number crected for you. Let me check this for you. Me [3:49:23] : okay Twich Customer Service [3:50:43] : Upon checking on the ticket status. Based on the investigation of the Technical Specialist. There is no account link. Twich Customer Service [3:50:56] : Or wrong account link. Twich Customer Service [3:51:17] : Can you please go to this link: Me [3:52:22] : Amazon shows connected, but steam doesn't show connected, could that be the reason? Twich Customer Service [3:52:22] : Let me know if the Game account link to your Twitch account. Twich Customer Service [3:52:29] : Yes. Me [3:53:43] : I am now successfully connected, let me try to get on the game to see if I can receive them Twich Customer Service [3:54:06] : Wait, are you also able to see the bungie account? Me [3:54:33] : Where can I see it? Twich Customer Service [3:54:43] : Under the connections? Me [3:55:21] : No bungie-related connections are shown there? Twich Customer Service [3:55:59] : please visit this link: to verify that they were applied to your account. Twich Customer Service [3:57:59] : Let me know what happen. Me [3:58:36] : My game account is logged in using steam and it shows that my account is indeed connected to twich Twich Customer Service [3:58:49] : Great! One moment Twich Customer Service [4:00:01] : Have you created account? Me [4:01:16] : I logged into bungie using steam and I'm not quite sure? Me [4:01:38] : I went on the game to check it, but I still don't get them now Me [4:02:42] : But my twich shows that it is already connected to amazon and also connected to my steam Twich Customer Service [4:03:35] : To be able to claim the Destiny 2 game offer you will need a bungie account. Twich Customer Service [4:03:56] : Just to confirm, do you have a bungie account? Me [4:04:55] : I think I might not have, I've been using a steam account to log into my bungie? Twich Customer Service [4:05:22] : Please create a bungie account first. Me [4:06:28] : But I only had problems with this and the last collection, before that I had been able to collect normally? Twich Customer Service [4:07:10] : Can you please check this link Me [4:08:39] : Yes, he showed that I had claimed them, but I did not receive Me [4:09:50] : I think that's my bungie account, and then it shows in there that my bungie account is connected to steam Me [4:10:01] : and twich Me [4:11:08] : I can also see my connection in bungie Me [4:11:08] : Prime Gaming Twich Customer Service [4:11:49] : If I may ask, do you have other Bungie account? Me [4:12:24] : No, I didn't. Twich Customer Service [4:12:54] : Because, it appears on the technical Specialist investigations that there's a possibility that there is no account link or wrong account link. Twich Customer Service [4:13:35] : Can you please try to clear the cache and cookies for the browser. Me [4:14:46] : Clear about twich? Twich Customer Service [4:15:14] : Clear the browsing history on the browser that your using right now Me [4:17:01] : I have now cleared them all Twich Customer Service [4:17:30] : Thanks, Try sign out and sign in to the account. Try unlink and re link it. Me [4:18:16] : twich-Account, oder Bungie-Account? Twich Customer Service [4:19:02] : Please disconnect the game account to twitch on this link Twich Customer Service [4:20:01] : Let me know once unlinked. Me [4:21:41] : This should have nothing to do with Amazon, so I don't need to unbind Amazon, right? Me [4:22:06] : I am now disconnected from my steam account Twich Customer Service [4:22:08] : We will need to unbind everythinh Me [4:22:19] : ok... Twich Customer Service [4:22:28] : Let me unlinked your Twitch account to Amazon account. Twich Customer Service [4:23:06] : Please click this link but don't sign in yet Me [4:23:06] : I have now unconnected Twich Customer Service [4:23:10] : Me [4:23:23] : ok Me [4:23:29] : don't sign in yet Twich Customer Service [4:23:52] : Yes, just click the claim now button Twich Customer Service [4:24:01] : It will ask you to sign in then. Twich Customer Service [4:24:23] : Just follow the instructions. Me [4:25:09] : [My Name] Me [4:25:09] : [My Email] Me [4:25:09] : GAME ACCOUNT Me [4:25:09] : Your Amazon and Bungie accounts are successfully linked. Me [4:25:27] : Let me try logging into my game account Twich Customer Service [4:25:38] : Yes please. Twich Customer Service [4:25:41] : Thank you. Me [4:28:03] : You're welcome, but I still don't receive them within the game Twich Customer Service [4:28:44] : I see, in that case, since the offer shown as claimed in our end you will have to contact the game developer, Twich Customer Service [4:31:01] : They are the one who have access to reinstate the game account in your account. Twich Customer Service [4:31:20] : I mean reinstate the game offer in your account. Twich Customer Service [4:32:07] : A​nything ​ else aside from t​his? Me [4:32:35] : I tried to contact them from the bungie forum, but a week has passed and I still haven't gotten a reply Twich Customer Service [4:33:39] : Please click this link to contact the game developer directly Twich Customer Service [4:34:39] : Are you able to access the link? Me [4:34:48] : Yes, but there just let you go to the forum Twich Customer Service [4:35:59] : I understand, however, your case is best handled by the Bungie Support. Me [4:36:20] : okay Twich Customer Service [4:37:06] : If you would like I will update the ticket that the troubleshooting didn't work. Let see if our Technical Specialist can provide additional troubleshooting steps. Twich Customer Service [4:37:14] : Would that be okay for you? Me [4:37:25] : ok Twich Customer Service [4:39:32] : There you go, I have successfully update the ticket and informed the Technical Specialist that the troubleshooting steps didn't go trough, Twich Customer Service [4:40:28] : I will send an email to you as soon as the Technical Specialist send an update. Me [4:40:36] : okay I hope someone can solve my problem.

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