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Out of Time Chapter 5 Part 2: Drowning

[url=]Link to Chapter 5 Part 1: Drowning[/url] [spoiler]All chapters can be found in the [url=]OoT table of contents[/url][/spoiler] “So what seems to be the problem, gentlemen?” The Hunter, Matthew, questioned us. Rush had restored my cut hand along with my nose, but my head felt swirly so I sat back down and reached for my glass, not remembering it was broken until my arm had swept halfway across the table. Hadn’t I wanted to go somewhere? I knew I wanted to forget, and I needed more drinks for that. Everyone in the bar was watching the four…energetic, Guardians. “I’m, uh…” Smoky looked at me, then leaned closer to the others and whispered, “I found him on Venus. He was a mess then, but we got here and all of a sudden he’s asking me to put him down.” “Did you have to fight him?” Marissa asked quietly, eyeing me and my damaged armor cautiously but clearly knowing that I could still hear them. “No, no. He looked like that when I found him. But now he’s drunk and he’s been babbling about dead friends and being in the wrong place,” Smoky answered. I was motioning to the bartender to get me another drink since he was still watching, but he clearly didn’t want to come over. I did just have an episode, after all. “Listen, buddy,” Matthew pulled up a chair next to mine and straddled it, “We’ve been there. Losing someone can make you feel guilty and-“ “Guilty!” I hissed, my fist slamming to the table as my temper suddenly returned and sharpened my thoughts, “What do you know about guilt? Have you ever had to watch your friends suffer and forget each other’s lives because they had trusted you? You knew what would happen and you led them to eradication anyway!” “Look pal,” Marissa planted her hands on the table on my other side, “I don’t know what this Hive drool you’re spouting is, but whatever happened, those were Guardians with you. That means they knew the risk, and you need to honor their decisions even if they’re gone now.” “They were MY decisions,” I angrily brought my face close to hers until all I could see were her raging eyes and all she could see were mine, “Only I understood the dangers. Only I knew of the threat and how to get in. I knew they wouldn’t refuse. I used them.” “Sounds like you were a fluffin’ rotten friend,” Marissa glared, not a shred of mercy in her voice. “Yeah…” I sunk back into my seat and looked at Sierra’s cannon sullenly. “…So start being a good one, idiot,” she thwacked the back of her hand against my head, not too hard. I sat quietly, working up enough nerve to touch the gun again and trailing my fingers over its barrel. “You hearing me, tiny?” Marissa clearly didn’t like feeling ignored. “I can’t…not from here,” I sulked. I couldn’t see the Titan behind me, but I could hear the shift of her armor as she looked to Smoky, who I could see give an exasperated shrug out of the corner of my eye. “Then…go where you can?” Matthew asked more than suggested. My grip tightened around the body of Sierra’s piece as the images of my friends’ dying moments returned. Memories of that place- that hell -perforated my thoughts. “I’m never going back,” I whispered sharply. “Where? That place I found you?” Smoky questioned, leaning in to try meeting my eyes. The way I turned my head away gave him all the answer he needed. “William. I don’t know what happened down there, but don’t you think it’s worth a shot? For your friends’ and your own sake?” Deep down, past all the fear and guilt and sadness, I knew he was right. Even though there was no chance of success, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t try. I could never face Sierra and Drew again if I gave up. “Is he…?” Marissa began to ask, but decided it best to leave me be as tears fell down my cheeks and onto the table. • • • “And you’re sure about this?” Smoky checked, auto rifle clutched tightly as we stared down into the Vault. We had come to the gate and activated the Sync Plates. Smoky, Marissa, Matthew, and me. It hadn’t been easy, but with my prior experience we were able to open the giant door with only four people. I silently thanked the Traveler for bringing back such kind people who would help a stranger in need. Now we stood at the top of the stairs that led down into the labyrinth, watching the shadows cautiously. That was when the fear that had been chewing at my heart sunk its teeth in deep. “No,” I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the dark descent, and I barely noticed my own quaking knees through the numbness creeping over my body, “Please…just shoot me. Don’t let them get me.” “Get a grip,” Marissa scolded. “Hey, it’s nothing you haven’t done before. This is everyday for you and for us,” Matthew was much more gentle, which was surprising with his jokester demeanor. His words helped me remember how much I had been through before the Vault, and that made me feel stronger. “Okay…yes, I’m sure Smoky. It’s the only chance I have,” I was trying to convince myself as much as him. The thought of walking down there again made me want to scream and run until my legs could no longer carry me. The memories tore at my mind and the loss at my heart. “Promise me that you will never open this door again, and that you will never tell anyone else how to.” “But what if-?” Marissa began to ask. “Never,” I stopped her sternly, then eyed the other two Guardians, “Even if I’m the one asking you to do it. Don’t ever trust it.” They all considered the weight of the promise for a moment before agreeing in unison, “We won’t.” “Good. Don’t wait for me or come in after,” I ordered, “I don’t expect to come back out in this time, but you’ll be the first people I’ll call wherever or whenever I come out.” “Alright,” Smoky acknowledged grudgingly. Without saying anything else, I began my descent. A short way down, Matthew called. “Good luck!” His voice rang down the tunnel. I turned and met their gazes one last time, “Thank you. For everything.” Not looking back again, I steeled myself and kept my feet moving. Sierra’s hand cannon hung in my hand, reminding me of her. Once again I entered the Vault. Once again I entered the nightmare. [url=]Link to Chapter 6: Doors[/url]

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