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Out of Time Ch4 Pt2: Lost

[url=]Link to Chapter 4 Part 1: Lost[/url] [spoiler]All chapters can be found in the [url=]OoT table of contents[/url][/spoiler] “Hey,” the Guardian nudged me, “Hey buddy, wake up.” Grumbling under his breath, he kicked my leg. “Ow…” I stirred uncomfortably, managing to pry my eyes open. I was sitting on the floor in the cockpit of the Guardian’s jumpship, leaned against the wall. “We’re in the Tower, pal, get up,” he offered me a hand. Taking it gratefully, I pulled myself up to my feet. “You went straight to sleep as soon as you sat down,” he told me, “Think now you can tell me what happened to you?” “I went in there with my team…” I explained. “Never seen anyone go in that place. Never even seen the door open. That’s why I turned my Sparrow around when I saw that great big thing closing,” the Guardian mused, “Wait, your team?” I looked down for a moment, reliving the nightmares in my head. “Never go in there,” I warned. “I…I’ll take your word for it,” the man looked me up and down, “Are you sure you don’t need anything else? You’re a wreck.” I looked down at myself. My armor was dented, dirtied, and marked with holes and burns, and my robe was just as torn up. My arms were still soaked in Mind Fluid, and dried human blood stained the once bright blue and gold of my outfit. This would be the time when Drew would crack a bad joke. But he wasn’t here. “I’m fine…” I mumbled. “Okay…just, uh, have your Ghost call if you need anything else,” he responded. I took him in for the first time. He was a Hunter, taller than me as most other Guardians were, but only by a little. His helmet was off and revealed an Exo face painted blue and red with small yellow details and yellow lights for his eyes. “What’s your name?” I asked, regaining a little of my manners. “Smoky,” he answered, then shook my hand. “Smokey?” I questioned. “Yeah, without an ‘e’. Smoky-3, but you can drop the number,” he answered. “Oh,” I blinked a couple times at the unnecessarily large amount information, “I’m William. Thank you for the ride, Smoky.” “No problem, William. You get some rest,” Smoky replied, “You look like you need it.” With that goodbye, I transmatted out of his ship and watched him fly out of the Hangar. I took no time to search for Amanda and report my probably-destroyed ship, even just to see a friendly face. Instead I went straight for the stairs to the Courtyard to find the Vanguard. Everyone I passed stared at me worriedly because of my disheveled armor. I would replace it later. As I stepped out into the courtyard and began heading down the stairs next to Rahool’s booth, a flicker of color caught my eye. Next to the vault access columns, a large Titan wearing full FWC armor was talking to someone. His helmet was off, revealing grey metal with a few streaks of purple. I came to an abrupt halt. It had to be my imagination. Maybe my mind was creating images because of this familiar space. The Titan began moving, following whoever he was talking to. As the person stepped out from behind the pillar, I alighted from the stairs. It was a Huntress with unmistakable long brown hair. She noticed me just before I reached her, turning to face me as my arms came around her in an embrace. Sierra stiffened as I pulled her against me, too flustered to react. Tears began to roll down my cheeks under my helmet. “G-get…!” Sierra stuttered angrily, “Numbskull! Get this idiot off of me!” “Okay!” Drew bubbled. I felt his hand close around the back of my collar and pull me up. I let go of Sierra and was set down a couple feet away. When my feet touched the ground and Drew let go I instantly hugged him as well. He laughed heartily and patted my back. Tears swelled in my eyes. “What the heck was that?!” Sierra roared, still standing rigid. Getting over the initial surprise, my mind started racing. How was this possible? How were they here? The Vault. Time was a mess to people in there. I must’ve come out sometime before we went to the Vault. “You’re still here!” I exclaimed, letting go of Drew, “We haven’t gone yet!” “Will,” Rush spoke through my comms where only I could hear, “Are these people Drew and Sierra?” I had told him about all the people who had been erased while we were hiding in the Gorgon’s Maze. He couldn’t remember anyone but Warlock, her Ghost, and Hunter’s Ghost anymore. “Who the hell are you?” Sierra glared. “I…what?” I gaped. “Is he one of your friends?” Sierra pointed an accusing finger at Drew. “Uh…” Drew put a hand to his chin thoughtfully. “We’ve never met him,” Sally appeared next to his shoulder, then shrunk back timidly. “Sally? You don’t…remember me?” I was crestfallen. “Who are you?” Sierra asked again, more impatiently. “I-it’s…” I stammered, then threw off my helmet so it bounced on the ground before disappearing, “It’s me! William!” “Whoa, you need a shower, man,” Drew stared, then looked down at the rest of me, “You look so hardcore though. Should beef up a bit.” “You don’t know us?” Rush appeared at my side. “I think I’d remember a guy who had the guts to hug this witch,” John transmatted next to Sierra. “Shut it!” the Huntress scowled at her Ghost, “First this big bozo starts following me, and now this toothpick?” “I…I…” I stumbled back, shocked and confused. My mind raced for an answer and, to my horror, found one. My chest felt like it was being crushed, and my mind like knives were sinking into it. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. It felt like my very bones were screaming. This was wrong. So wrong. “…I need to go…” my voice quivered as I turned away from the people who should have been my friends, starting at a trudge but picking up speed until I was nearly running. The railing at the Tower’s edge stopped me, and I bent over it like I was about to heave out my lunch. I probably would’ve if it hadn’t been weeks since I’d eaten anything. I felt their eyes on me, the sensation like Thrall clawing at my back. Space, I needed space. I vaulted over the side of the Tower. There were no shouts and no more attention was drawn to me, for other Guardians occasionally did this stunt for fun or on dares. Hurtling down through the air, the ground rushed up to me and I rightened myself, pushing Light out of my feet to slow my decent. I hit the ground a little roughly, causing a loud crack that broke the air, but I was stumbling off again without pause. Having nowhere to go, I went up to the side of the Tower and let the wall stop me. No one was around to have seen my landing or panicked wandering. Arms braced against the monolithic column of metal, I sank to my knees and let my head hang low. The answer pounded at the inside of my head, tearing apart my thoughts and beating down my reasoning. The Vault existed on multiple planes of reality. I hadn’t gone to the past. I had gone to a different alternative in time. These versions of Sierra and Drew couldn’t help me. The Vanguard couldn’t help me. I couldn’t even help myself now. “Traveler,” I made a quiet plea for help, “I’m lost.” [spoiler]The character Smoky-3 belongs to SmokyDragon33. Smoky, thank you for being a part of this story and being such a wonderful lore buddy and supporter[/spoiler] [url=]Link to Chapter 5: Drowning[/url]

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