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Out of Time Ch4 Pt1: Lost

Sorry it’s been 8 months since I posted chapter 3 of this. Between being super busy and writing the [url=]War of Lies[/url] I didn’t have time to write this. The good news is that there’s only a few chapters for you to catch up on if you haven’t read Out of Time or forgot what happened already. My plan is to post a part every Monday (no longer posting Fridays), but we’ll have to see if I can write fast enough to keep up with that schedule. Alright, let’s dive right into it [url=]Link to Chapter 3 Part 2: Dark Corners[/url] [spoiler]All chapters can be found in the [url=]OoT table of contents[/url][/spoiler] I shambled through the dark tunnel, head hanging tiredly as I slowly made my way uphill. My arms were coated in radiolaria up to the elbow, leaving trails of faintly glowing white on the walls when I used my left hand to keep myself up. My right hand clenched Sierra’s hand cannon tightly in fear of losing it or having to use it again. I had escaped the Gorgons. I had scaled the walls of their Maze. I had fought through the Templar’s Well. And now… now I could only hope I was going the right way. “William…” Rush mumbled, startling me. He said nothing more, for he was as drained as I was. Heeding his warning, I glanced to the corner of my HUD and saw red on my motion tracker a short way ahead of us. Pushing myself off of the wall, I dragged my feet and leaned my weight forward, speeding up until I was barreling down the tunnel. A turn came and my armor skidded off rock as I failed to change direction fast enough, but I maintained my speed and crashed into the Goblin that was turning to see what had made the noise. The chassis crumpled under the weight of my tackle, but I fell to the ground with it. Pushing myself up on my hands shakily and breathing heavily, I winced as a Slap Rifle bolt burned my shoulder. Flinging my right arm up, I blasted the other Goblin’s stomach canister open with a single round, then put my arm back down to support my weight. Maybe I could just rest here for awhile…let my arms drop me and lay here until I could carry on again. Taking a break wouldn’t change anything. If I could just… “Can’t stop…” I whispered to myself firmly. Grunting at the effort, I climbed back to my feet. If I stopped now I might not be able to get back up again. I pushed my right foot forward, then began shuffling further up the path. My muscles screamed and my bones ached. My Light seemed to writhe against me, but I felt its faintness despite how strongly it burned me to use it now. It wouldn’t be much longer before I was too overtaxed to use it anymore. And in here, there was no telling how much time it would take for me to recover enough to fight again, if ever. “Will,” Rush spoke up again, but when I glanced to my radar I saw nothing. After a moment he found his words. “The Trial of Kabr.” I halted for a moment, stunned, then moved onward with renewed haste. Soon I came upon a familiar little room that sported a couple of columns of Vex architecture and some pooling water. Plants grew here, covering the floor and walls. A Hobgoblin was waiting for me, but I shot out its belly before it could fire or form a stasis barrier. I was feeling warmer, and my Light didn’t feel so suppressed all of a sudden. My strength grew as I continued uphill, although the fatigue of combat still remained. I heard the sound of water spilling over rock and found that the path curved around a hole that a stream poured down. Sunlight filtered in softly against the rocks on the other side of the miniature waterfall, giving the plants a healthy glow. Once again I stopped, unable to believe what I saw. It was right there. The door was open. The stairs were unguarded. Finding my legs’ motivation renewed, I walked quickly to the stairs and hobbled up excitedly. I only made it several steps past the round gateway before I fell to my knees, staring out at the light of the Sun through the perpetual cloud cover of Venus and taking in the trees and the acid seas. It seemed like a lifetime had passed since I had felt a breeze. Unable to contain my joy and sorrow any longer, I began to cry. Even when the door began to rumble and slide closed behind me, I did not dry my eyes or try to move. A minute or so passed before I heard soft footsteps come near. They were not the metal clanking of a Vex’s steps, so I did not think to pay them any mind. “Holy sssshhhhhanks… you came out of there?” someone asked me. I didn’t respond. “Hey, buddy, what the heck happened to you?” “William,” Rush tried calming me, “I can’t find the Aurora Lance, the Vex or Fallen must’ve destroyed it. We need a ride.” After a second I managed to calm myself, looking up and trying to make out the stranger through my tears. “I…” I choked and coughed violently, my throat still rough, “I need to get to the Tower.” [url=]Link to Chapter 4 Part 2: Lost[/url]

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