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War of Lies: Chapter 5 Part 2

Don’t worry everyone, this part doesn’t have confusing AI reports like the last part did. This part will conclude chapter 5 and next Monday will mark the beginning of the final chapter, so enjoy! [url=]Link to Chapter 5, Part 1[/url] [spoiler]All chapters of the War of Lies will be linked to the [url=]Table of Contents[/url] as they are posted[/spoiler] “Blast it all!” My metal fist bent the armrest of my commander’s chair, sending a ringing clang throughout the room. I️ stared at the tablet screen, seething as I️ looked over the analysis and protocols and numbers. [i]So many losses. Too many good people gone. How could such rabble be such a problem?![/i] I️ asked myself, [i]We are trained, we are better equipped, we are motivated, and we are smarter, but still they get in our way! I, Ava-3, and my Syndicate could not be challenged by back alley scum! They have numbers,[/i] I️ reasoned, [i]Vast numbers and numerous resources, and still they could add anyone to their forces that was willing to work for a pocketful of Glimmer or drugs. They always lose more than us, but they had more to begin with. That’s why,[/i] I️ cooled off, [i]A bunch of hired arms, criminals, slaves, and debt owners all led by a handful of intelligent people pulling strings. One of my men is worth a dozen of theirs, but even so our losses end up just as catastrophic as theirs. It’s that Seren,[/i] the flame within me flickered again, [i]The woman who’s name is known and feared by all in the underworld, and the woman that no one can seem to lay a finger on. She is always prepared; always a step ahead. Even the Siege of Callisto had been turned from a swift Syndicate victory to a bloodbath for both sides by Seren’s wicked game of wits. Of course, at this point it was obvious that she could afford to waste resources on this war just as little as we could…we had to find an end to this, one way or another…[/i] “Sir,” I️ turned my head to find one of my commanders standing next to my chair, a cautious expression on his face. “Yes commander?” I️ inquired calmly. “You received the reports from the Rhea bombardment of sector Lambda 27 East?” he answered with a question. “Yes,” I️ handed the tablet over for him to read, “We sustained losses and in the end there wasn’t much left for us or even the Mob to make use of. They stripped what they could and most of the rest was caved in or destroyed in the fighting.” “Oh,” only a quick flicker in his eyes showed his worry, “No matter, they may have gotten away with a small handful of supplies, but they suffered greatly for it.” “And so have we,” I️ tapped my fingers on the damaged armrest, “We need those resource deposits more than they do, but we misjudged the effects of our bombardment as well as the resistance we would face. We can’t dedicate time or resources to restoring the mines, but the Mob can. They may have lost an asset, but it’s only temporary. We can’t keep making these mistakes.” “We will learn. And we will recover,” the commander declared, and I️ looked up to see all of the commanders and operations personnel watching me with certainty in their eyes, “As the Syndicate has always done.” “And as we will continue to do,” I️ straightened in my chair, “I️ wasn’t chosen as our leader to tuck tail and crawl away from these criminals. The Syndicate has faced worse than this.” “Down with Seren and her scum!” someone shouted, “And to the long leadership of Ava-3!” “Hogwash,” I️ jeered, “Having a long leadership is too easy when you’re an ageless Exo.” “Then to a successful and bountiful leadership!” another cheered. “And to the pursuit of knowledge,” I️ raised my fist in the air. “The Syndicate is knowledge,” the entire room began to chant, raising their fists in answer to my own, “Knowledge is power. Death to the Traveler and glory to the Syndicate.” [i]They are right,[/i] I️ told myself, propping my red-metal chin on my hand thoughtfully, [i]We have knowledge, power, resolve, and moral. And what does the Mob have? Deceit, distrust, cowardice, and fear. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t a threat…[/i]I️ resisted falling to overconfidence, [i]It would take too long to wait for their forces to fray under the strain of fear and selfishness, and committing to crushing them at their core would only unite them and leave both sides crippled beyond repair. Treaty is out of the question. So how can we end this? What would Echo do…?[/i] His face floated behind my eyes, accompanied by memories of his voice and the feeling of being near him. [i]Oh how I️ wish he was here now. But he’s not our leader, and he can’t help right now, I️ reminded myself, So how would he motivate me? Well…first he and I️ would support each other under the losses.[/i] “A moment!” I️ stood, interrupting the chorus of my friends and followers. They quieted respectfully, awaiting my next words, “A moment to respect those who have fallen this day,” I️ continued, “To commemorate all they learned, all we learned from them, and all they did for us. They are family, and they will live forever as parts of us in our knowledge of them.” All in the room bowed their heads respectfully. A couple sniffles could be heard along with whispered vows, prayers, and condolences. “Thank you,” I️ ended the silence after a minute, “Now let’s make sure their efforts weren’t for naught. I️ expect a salvage report on the Lambda territory within the hour; the Mob was so kind as to abandon it, after all.” Everyone resumed their activities with somber silence, and my mind went back to Echo. [i]He would tell me to think; to use what I️ know against them. Knowledge is power, so what do I️ know? They are criminals and traders, and their leaders are greedy…[/i]A twisted thought drifted through my mind, causing my metal mouth to shift into the closest thing an Exo had to a smile, [i]So what can I️ give them that they want? Or rather, who? I️ will end this loss and deprivation, I️ told myself as I️ sat back down, a plan formulating, I will end this War of Lies. One way or another…[/i] [url=]Link to Chapter 6 Part 1[/url]

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