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War of Lies: Chapter 4 Part 6

[i]This is the final part of Chapter 4. Only Chapters 5 and 6 remain now[/i] [url=]Link to Chapter 4, Part 5[/url] [spoiler]All chapters of the War of Lies will be linked to the [url=]Table of Contents[/url] as they are posted[/spoiler] “You see, we don’t need you,” a new voice spoke up; one that I recognized. “Dikedda, c’mon,” I pleaded as he swaggered into my field of vision, looking down on me with a condescending air, “How many jobs did we do together? I’ll play my part, c’mon!” Dikedda scoffed at how pathetic I was now, squatting down next to my head and putting a hand on Cobalt’s shoulder, “Not an ounce of honor or loyalty between the lot of you.” “Your sister!” I grasped at straws in panic, turning to anger now that bargaining had failed, “Seren will kill your sister when she figures out what happened!” “Don’t have a sister,” Dikedda chuckled, “What part of that being an act don’t you understand?” “Can’t believe a band of idiots is worth a war against,” Cobalt took his steadying hand off the rifle and tapped at my visor tauntingly, “You know, this was plan D. Plan A was to take the drill site then use that as a cover to take this place and everywhere else on the moon. You’re lucky Seren had the brains to realize we knew about this command center, otherwise she wouldn’t have sent enough of you. But, guess she’s still too cocky to realize that we can get in here without a fleet backing us.” “Command center?” At this point I didn’t know if I was trying for more time or just too frantic to put together what he was saying. “Did you really think all Seren had on Callisto was one drill site?” Dikedda scolded, “You didn’t even know about the Glimmer drill until she told us. This command center is the heart of a network of resource acquisition and processing sites, and her biggest foothold on the Jovians what with the Nine and Mara Sov both trying to keep their hands on everything.” “Okay so you took Seren’s rock,” I followed maybe half of what he had said, “I did my job, I’m not a threat anymore, just let me go.” “You killed my family, you Thrall scrap,” the rage that Cobalt must’ve been hiding this whole time finally showed in his voice, “For money.” It took me a second to realize he was talking about the other Syndicate members I had killed and not blood relatives. “Wait, wait!” My voice was breaking, but I had enough dignity and sense left to keep myself from crying, “You killed us, too! No need to deepen the grudge.” “You didn’t care about a single one of the people that we killed or that you killed,” Cobalt growled, hands tightening around the rifle and its trigger. But then the roar of engines firing sounded, and we all glanced over to see the huge transport ship coming to life. “Look at that,” Cobalt nodded to the ship, keeping his aim on me, “Just like I told you. Gun to your head, taking your ship.” “You’re fighting Seren!” I was suddenly pushing up against Cobalt, trying to escape and overpower him, but he and Dikedda easily kept me down and left me to my screaming and squirming. I screamed the one thing I could think of in this terrifying moment before death: the one name I associated most closely to my own fears. “Seren will kill you! SEREN CAY! You’re not making it off of this rock once she finds out! Seren will-!” My cries ended in a wheeze as Cobalt dug his knee into my diaphragm. My struggling weakened as I found it harder to breathe, and tears started pouring out of my eyes inside my helm. I didn’t want to die. “Seren’s as cornered as you are. This whole War of Lies is a battle of wills between the Syndicate and one selfish woman with deep pockets,” the lack of sympathy in Dikedda’s voice was finally enough to make me accept my fate and grow still as Cobalt lined up my rifle to get a clean kill. I waited for that last sound. The one that would be the end of it. The bang. “Just like before you even flew out here to fight us,” Cobalt compared, flexing his fingers around the grip, “We’ve already won.” Bang. [url=]Link to Chapter 5 Part 1[/url]

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