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The White Engram That Wouldn't Dismantle: Final Part (Exotic Idea)

You have participated in countless gambit matches. With your parasitic weapon, you have killed enough taken, along with getting the Heart of an Ascendant Primeval. Its time to make your way back to drifter. You're in a hurry as you feel as though this weapon is taking more of a toll on your body, but you're just one step away! [b]Ghost[/b]: [i]"Drifter! We've done everything you ask, now help my Guardian!"[/i] You proceed to make your way towards drifter and hand him the heart. Weak at the knees, you're barely keeping yourself up, limping with each step. Drifter comes to help keep you standing up and takes the heart. [b]The Drifter[/b]: [i]"Hold Still Brotha! this is gonna hurt like hell!....Hey Ghost c'mere! once he's free, I'm gonna need you to revive him! And if you dont do it Immediately he's gonna stay dead forever!"[/i] Both of you and your ghost are shocked when hearing this, but before you have time to react Drifter suddenly plunges the ascendant heart into the weapon! The room is filled with load screams as your body undergoes an excruciating withdraw syndrome. Drifter covers your mouth, trying to muffle any sound from echoing any further. Seconds later you collapse dead! [b]The Drifter[/b]:[i] "Revive him now!!" (screaming at your ghost)[/i] Your ghost revives you, but you are completely drained of energy. That whole process took a lot out of you and you need time to recover. However, you, ghost, and the drifter look down on the ground. A bright golden engram sits, just waiting to be picked up. Both you and ghost seem a little hesitant about picking up this engram, but with a smirk on his face drifter nods at you to retrieve it! [u]Exotic Kinetic High-Impact Frame 360rpm Auto Rifle.[/u] [b]Exotic intrinsic[/b]: [i]"Retaliation Swarm"[/i] - kills with this weapon causes it to build up a charge of darkness energy that stacks up to x5 (1 stack of energy = 1 rocket). When Hip-fired the rifle will use up that charge of energy to fire at max 5 small darkness rockets (same size and damage as the skyburner's oath rocket rounds). Each mini-rocket has a medium velocity but deal a decent amount of concussive damage. If a target is hit by at least 4 mini-rockets they will be suppressed. [b]Barrel[/b]: Chambered Compensator [b]Magazine[/b]: Ricochet Rounds [b]Exotic Perk[/b]: [i]"Corrupted by Darkness" [/i] - Precision hits and/or picking up orbs briefly boost weapon stability. Orbs of light picked up by this weapon have a small chance to be converted into a 1 stack of darkness energy. [b]Stock[/b]: Hand-laid Stock [b]Catalyst[/b]: mini-rockets now have tracking and the suppression requirement has been lowered to 3 rockets.
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