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Went a little lore heavy on mine but oh well. [u]Name:[/u] Hellwave [u]Type:[/u] Sword [u]Element:[/u] Solar [u]Flavor text:[/u] [i]"Give them a taste of their own medicine."[/i] [u]Intrinsic perk:[/u] [b]Soulfire Eruption[/b]. When energy is full, heavy attack launches a powerful downward strike that ignites the area around the user. Enemies burned by the attack are disrupted and take increasing damage the longer they stand in the flames. [u]Catalyst:[/u] [b]Fuel the flames[/b]. Area of effect is increased. Enemies killed by the flames restore sword energy to the weapon. [u]Lore:[/u] "I've always hated Knights. Especially the ones that charge you with those swords in hand. I don't know what qualifies as good swordsmanship among them either; all they do is just flail their swords around like a cocky Dawnblade Warlock. Terrible as their form was though, they knew power. I've seen ascendant Knights utilize those giant meat cleavers in conjunction with soulfire for devastating area-of-effect attacks, sometimes splattering Guardians against the walls if it didn't outright cleave them in two. I saw a lot of this during the Great Disaster, probably more than any person. It's even worse when they're Taken; puking fire all over the place as if they're throwing up their own souls. Maybe that's what it is, or maybe they're still sadistic hellspawn even without their own wills anymore. After countless years of fighting and watching my friends fall to them, I had enough. They like swords and fire right? It's about time I give them a taste of their own medicine. I had gathered tons of trophies and spoils from the Hive ever since the Great Disaster, but I never did anything with them; wish I did because the Red War set me back to square one. Took me months after the war to gather up enough soulfire crystals to experiment with, and at least over three dozen Hive swords. Those things are more fragile than they look when they aren't fueled with this stuff. If that Eris person was still in the Tower I could seek her advice. Guess I'll be working on it alone though which is fine. I have a good idea of how I want to craft this sword anyways. ----- After several months of forging what felt like dozens of failed prototypes, I finally did it. Not sure what to call this beauty, but I'll think of something. Eventually. Those days are still burned into my head though. Those Knights crawled out of Hell in waves and tore us to ribbons without mercy back then. Time to send them back the same way." [i]-Unknown survivor of the Great Disaster[/i]

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