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[18+] [Xbox] [NA] Casually Xbox is looking for you!

[b]FRIENDSHIPS > LOOT[/b] I have been looking for a casual Xbox clan for weeks. They are either inactive, require Discord, focus on just one aspect of the game or are just too serious. All I want is to meet other people who also want to enjoy the game, without schedules or stress. Welcome to "Casually Xbox" a clan for those who just want to play. [b]Just play.[/b] This is a casual clan working together to experience all content. No microphone required, you do you and we will make it work! In this clan we do things by the book and have a zero tolerance policy for any type of cheating. Obviously zero tolerance for racism & bigotry. [b]All lives matter only if Black Lives Matter.[/b] [b]Clan rules:[/b] Be Nice. Be Respectful. Be Patient. Be Honorable. Be a Good Human. You will notice that most clans out there constantly look for new people and have problems keeping their ranks full, that is not the case at here. We have been at full capacity (or close to it) since the beginning, and for some very good reasons: - [b]We are who we say we are.[/b] [i]We are casual, we are older and we love this game. We love gaming, but not at an expense of our families. We have families, kids, pets and jobs and RL just gets in the way. Even though you will find that we are one of the most active clans you have ever been a part of. I don't mean we do some big scheduled events all the time, I mean most of us play pretty much every day.[/i] - [b]We play, A LOT.[/b] [i]Almost all of us are 40 or over, some are retired and others play in the evenings but the point is we play a lot. Almost everyone here plays if not every day, not that we have some sort of expectations to how active people are. We're casual, laid back, reasonably, we just love gaming. How much you play does not matter, but it might matter to you that you are joining a group that loves to play and plays a lot.[/i] - [b]Experienced Leadership & mature membership.[/b] [i]Most of us are in our 40's, OG gamers to the core. Nobody here likes drama. I (OGCryptor, clan leader) have been gaming since late 80's and have been leading the same mmorpg guild for over a decade (before moving to Xbox in 2017). At peak times my guild topped at just under 1,800 active players (that was at launch of Star Trek Online in 2010). We got this.[/i] - [b]We like to chat, without 3rd party apps.[/b] [i]We love to talk while we play but none of us want to bother with Discord or other 3rd party apps. We are active in the clan txt chat. We simply don't need anything else, keeping it simple.[/i] - [b]Casual to the core.[/b] [i]We are casual. We do things casually. Some of us do go above and beyond into specific aspects of the game, be it raids, Crucible or Gambit, but as a group we are very laid back. TBH it's pretty nice have few individuals in the mix who enjoy (for example) raids so when you feel like trying that it's available to you.[/i] [b]Additional Info:[/b] [b]Voice chat[/b] - [i]No Discord needed. All we need is Xbox Live voice chat. This will never change.[/i] [b]Raids[/b] - [i]We do have members who raid regularly but keep in mind that raids are not an activity for casual players, so keep your expectations in check and prepare. If you want to do this make sure you prepare and do your research, use the raid txt chat to get guidance from experienced members.[/i] [b]Time Zone[/b] - [i]Everyone in North America who is *NOT* on the East Coast would be a perfect fit for us. If you are on the East Coast you are more than welcome to join just please be aware that we have very few East Coast players. We go as far west as Alaska and as far east as Tennessee.[/i] [b]Clan Focus[/b] - [i]This is a casual clan and as such tries not to focus on a single activity type. We try to experience everything. Just relax, play and have a good time.[/i] [b]Who we are looking for:[/b] A perfect fit for this clan would be someone who: - is allergic to drama - likes to keep things simple - feels no need to use Discord - is older, like I said most of us are over 40 - is anywhere in North America but [b]*NOT*[/b] on the East Coast. We have people from Alaska, all over west coast of US and Canada and all throughout central US, few from east coast but just be aware that most of us are not from east coast. Please do not apply for membership if: - you are not an adult (this will not work out, trust me) - you live on East Coast or outside of North America (time difference is just too great) - you are a racist Any additional questions please either DM me (Xbox GT OGCryptor) or post in this thread. Thank you! [b]Clan Link [/b]- [b]Clan Subreddit Link[/b] (for recruiting purposes only) - [b]Clan Xbox Live Club Link [/b]- [b]Leader[/b] - Reach out to OGCryptor here, on Xbox Live, Mixer or Twitter.

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