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7/3/2020 4:07:51 PM

[XB1] Roll with a strong 6 stack in Iron Banner this weekend /Find an active Endgame Clan here / Discord required / 700 + members

If you’re looking for a fresh start with an active bunch there’s no better time than the beginning of a new season. Iron Banner tournaments strip Crucible weaklings of their illusions and prepare them for a battle with no concept of fair play. The Iron Banner tests a Guardian and the Guardian's gear in a definitive, relentless mock war. Heading into the first weekend of IB we know it's going to be sweaty, so [b]if you want to actually have fun[/b] in there run with your clan and we'll help get you those crispy pinnacles Lord Saladin is offering up I'm the founder of Felwinter's Iron Lords and we're opening our server to new applicants who are looking for a clan. The following may be a bit of a read, but I want you to have an idea of who we are and what we’re about. We’re not just an LFG server which is why we’re selective who to let in. We coordinate games daily on Discord. Participation there is a [b]requirement of membership[/b]. We'll extend an invitation [b]AFTER[/b] you join us there. We're only accepting clan members at this point though. This isn’t an anonymous LFG server. Are you 18+? 🍼 Do you have a mic? 🎧 Are you a minimum power of 950? 💪 Are you active on Xbox? 🎮 Are you able to use Discord and can read/write above a 3rd grade level? 🤣….but seriously If you're interested in joining please [url=] Click Here [/url] We've currently got four official clans in a server of 700+ Guardians and we're pretty diligent about ensuring members are active so you've always got someone to play with. At any moment you could find a fireteam team for Prophecy, stack Iron Banner, find a squad for Trials, work on past seals, continue to speed run Scourge of the Past for the 87th cajillion time because you still haven't had Anarchy drop (looking dead at you Bungo) or just talk about your day in #social and post food pics / share recipes in our #caydes-spicy-ramen-shop channel (so many delicious foods and recipes) We’re searching for active **[b]End Game players[/b]**. We want more raiders and triumph seekers to help our core, get content done and aid our more casual players with their ambitions. If you’re interested in Challenge runs, chasing seals and being a Sherpa for newer people I’d love to chat. Same goes for PvP side, the climb to Legend and the road to Flawless lighthouse are much easier when you have a squad that has your back and can get that res without being baited into a headshot. We have a program to help less experienced people learn raids. Through to June we had a raid clear percentage of 93% for Emissary teaching runs! Meaning if you’re signing up to learn a raid and have thumbs, there’s a solid probability you’re going to get your completion. This isn’t a carry service, you’ll be taught and have a blast doing it. If you’re a solo player, who LFGs outside the server all the time instead of engaging our community and clans, this isn’t the place for you though, just being honest and no need to waste each other’s time. If you’re a solo player and looking to start joining other people now for activities we’ll welcome you with our fuzzy, Ursa Furiosa arms. [b]Clan Info[/b] Xbox Only Location: Worldwide Play Times: Daily - Both our UK & NA, US, EU groups are active during their evenings, meaning there’s almost always people on. We’d like a few more late evening / night North American players to help round things out if possible. Discord: 700+ and growing Active Members Finally, what do we ask of you? Be active and don’t be a dick, it’s super simple. We define activity as Discord activity at least once every three weeks using it to group up with clan/server mates. Posting and responding to posts for help in our LFG channels. This is how we maintain an active community. [quote]If you're interested in joining please [url=]Click Here[/url]. You’ll be placed in a #start-here with instructions to get you going and registered to the server.[/quote] ⚠️ A staff member will assist you through the onboarding process **this part is crucial** and send you a clan invite link, all of our clans are equal and you’ll be assigned one like the sorting hat..completely random..or whoever currently has space. On behalf of the staff, we hope to see you around soon! Better to be on the FWIL 6 stack than against it when we queue ;)

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