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Bungie please do not use sunsetting as an excuse to re issue guns.

If you are going to move forward please do so, Bring us the new content, frankly if you bring back the d1 faction system where they are all just the vanguard weapons with a different paint job but with weekly vendor rolls i would actually love it, makes the grind less of a hassle really. In fact bringing back d1 style vendors imo is what this game really needs, especially if you swap perks in and out every season, that way there is always a different but fresh hot new take on a weapon every season. As for armor, Just have the mod slots be open with no master working or pull the reigns back on the armor 2.0 cost, yes I'm serious, because not having to grind for it would be wonderful, instead of having the focus of higher-level content be about things like adept weapons and armor, not upgrade materials. In fact just to make that armor system better, give the player a pool of points that they can allocate to whichever stat THEY WANT, with limitations of course. so that way people aren't getting 100's in every one of their stats. this way the armor becomes unique to the user and they can make it so that they don't have any wasted stats, min maxi I know but it would make armor sunsetting a lot more acceptable if you made armor just that more versatile then it is now. You would only need one set of armor for any situation all you would need to do is switch the mods around. Frankly weapon transmog would also be cool that is if you are going to keep older gun models in the game. Idk having a gun that looks like the song of justice but shoots like a mida is a long wanted dream of mine. Edit: For those of you people typing to late, yeah no shit sherlock I play the game i know its happening, it is to late FOR THIS SEASON, sunsetting does not take effect till beyond light which is why I want them to not do the re hash bullshit in the YEARLY expansion, the difference in forsaken is that they added random rolls, but after that the amount of new gear was lacking in year 3, why you ask ? because they had to keep going back and messing with old content ie the pinnacle weapons to keep shit in check, what I want is for them to move forward create new gear that is both good in-game and aesthetically pleasing. I do not want re hashed content for next year, one more season isn't going to kill us if they actually deliver in the upcoming expansion and boy howdy they better give us a good amount in return, So long as they don't have to go tuning the sandbox in accordance to two year old weapons im fine with it. So long as we get new stuff and giving us the freedom to build our guardian from the ground up and not have to hunt for the right piece of armor

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