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5/12/2020 4:46:19 AM

Bring Back: SunSinger ☀️

I wouldn’t Mind If Bungie Decided To Scrap The Bottom Path On The Dawnblade Entirely, In Favor Of Sunsinger, From D1. [u][b]I’d Just Mix Both[/b][/u]: • [u]Igniting Touch + Celestial Fire[/u] [i]Decrease the size of the explosion on kills, & it’s damage over time effectiveness to combatants caught in its AOE Explosion.[/i] • [u]Phoenix Dive + Icarus Dash[/u] [i]Apply a cooldown mechanic to both Maneuverabilities. Phoenix Dive can chain Icarus Dash. But doing so, will result in a 7 second cooldown. Reduce the health regained from Phoenix Dive by 20%.[/i] • [u]Fated For The Flame + Base Dawnblade Ability[/u] • [u]Everlasting Fire + Base Dawnblade Ability[/u] [i]Just reduce the effectiveness of how long Dawnblade lasts, when getting kills, based on the enemy type such as; red, orange, & yellow bars granting their own separate amounts based on how long you’ve been in your super. Same with guardians in PvP in their supers as well.[/i] [u][b]What I’d Do With The Bottom Tree[/b][/u]: (SunSinger) • [u]Super | Radiance[/u] [i]Fill yourself with Solar Light, Dramatically Increasing The Effectiveness of your Melee, Grenade abilities, & Cooldowns. All Grenade abilities “Ignite”, causing damage over time.[/i] • [u]Radiance | Your Abilities[/u]: [i]FireBolt Grenades Deal Additional Damage, gain an Additional Seeker (up from 3 to 4), and cause DOT. Fusion Grenades Detonate on impact dealing Additional Damage, & cause DOT. Solar Grenades last longer & gain a full stack of “Viking Funeral” on impact Charged Melee kills no longer grant an overshield, but will instead grant 33% of your base health. Charged Melee Hits deal 3X more damage. (They Will 1 Hit Kill, In PvP)[/i] • [u]Radiance | Ability Costs[/u] [i]Your Super meter Depletes at a slow rate. Rightly 4–7% every 1.5-2 seconds. Grenades & Melee’s charge 5x faster & cost roughly 11% of your super meter, each time you use them.[/i] • [u]Super | Radiant Skin[/u] While active, Radiance reduces incoming damage by 49-57%. • [u]Melee | Scorch | Flame Shield[/u] Damaging an enemy with Scorch Grants an Overshield for a short time. • [u]Passive | Viking Funeral[/u] Enemies you Ignite with Your “melee” or “Solar Grenade” takes more damage from all sources. Stacks up to 3 times. • [u][b]No, I Wouldn’t Bring Back Self Revive, For Good Reason. Unless, They Added:[/b][/u] • 2 second activation limitation, after being killed. • reductions of your super meter, ability regeneration effectiveness, & resilience when activating self revive • Self revive can only being granted to those wearing an [u][i]Exotic Armor Piece[/i][/u], that allows for this ability to be obtained. Even with that being said, I’d still prefer them not to bring back self revive, as a mechanic because people will always find a way to cheese it..! So What are your thoughts? 🙂

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