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VOIDBORN: Official Announcement

[i]Our enemies never truly reveal themselves, not until it is when they think they’ve won.[/i] Welcome to to my latest project! Voidborn. This announcement post shall go in depth as to what I hope to achieve with my next story, as well give you some minor insights into the story and how I hope to go about it. I know I had shared minor screenshots on the poster with certain users, but for the most part I have been very quiet on the story. That changes (somewhat) today. [b]The Story: Setting Preview[/b] -Set in the modern era (without a pandemic), Voidborn seeks to tell a story of a war between a technologically advanced faction whom call themselves The Hunters, and a faction of psionic like humans who call themselves The Templar. Established some centuries prior, the Hunters are an organization that is free from the political disputes that plague the world and focus on hunting down the world’s most dangerous individuals. They are the Templar. Several psionic humans, called Voidborns, have established a sort of military dictatorship, led by a man who wears a mask at all times and wields power unseen by any human before. Their mission is to engulf the world in shadow, believing it would bring them closer to their gods. With no new Voidborns or Hunter Agents, the stakes for domination have never been higher. The wars between these two would become mainstream, putting both organizations in the crosshairs of the governments of the world. What both sides do not realize however, is that not all forces within the cosmic Void are malevolent. One entity has seemingly chosen a new host. What will follow will either save the world from a war the likes of which no one has seen before, or damn it to a new kind of hell. [b]What I hope to achieve:[/b] After writing stories such as the Offtopic Murder Mystery, I found I lacked in a few key categories. The first area I lacked in was details. I gave a half assed description and would often just assume people would remember the description going forward. I also forgot to add details on the whereabouts of other people. For example, in Season 2 I never gave a lot of details on where Varvatos was and people assumed he was the murderer. Not to mention, I more or less wrote the murder mystery as a way to just tell jokes. Eventually it just got daunting to write, so I tried to wrap it up as fast as I could. After I wrapped up season 2 and abandoned Two birds, I wanted to focus on something new. Something that wasn’t set in Offtopic’s little RP world. This is the second area I wanted to cover. New worlds and new stories are always welcome. The more out of the box they may be, the more memorable they can be. And while I will be focusing on the story for the most part, that doesn’t mean little RP shitposts or Offtopic memes won’t be going away. The third area I wanted to attack was how short my chapters were due to the post requirements set by That is gonna go the way of the dodo bird and I am either going to use Google Docs to release the chapters or I am going to find some sort of website where I can post the chapters. If anyone has suggestions for that, I’m all ears. With the post requirements removed, I can make the chapters longer, the scenes more in depth, and other story beats. [b]How I plan to write the story:[/b] Now, as I stated before, I would more or less make the story up on the fly, sometimes coming up with several parts to the Murder Mystery in a single day. I am doing away with that entirely, opting to write the full story before I go and start posting. I’d rather take the time and get it right the first time, rather than simply post on a whim. To help with my story writing, I’ve taken inspiration from many sources. Games, movies, TV, but most prominently, music. I’ve listened to a majority of songs that I think would be good for my story. In fact, music is going to be a major story aspect, kind of like how James Gunn used songs in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies. If people would like to know what songs I’ve been listening too for inspiration, feel free to ask. [b]Release date for the story[/b] Unfortunately, I do not have a definitive answer as to when the story will be fully released. I had started working on it around Fall of 2019, but since then I have not worked on it. Recently with the quarantine and my college semester finishing up, I will have all the time in the world to start writing. My aim for release is around August, or hell, maybe even July. But first I want the story to be finished and ready before I so as much even begin posting. But for now, the actual story writing will not begin until I am finished with college. Over the course of my writing however, I’ll be dropping development teases, such as a logo or maybe some artwork I’ll be making. Here are three logos I’ve made thus far: Main Series Logo: The Hunter’s Logo (work in progress): The Templar’s Logo: I look forward to writing this. It won’t be easy, nor will it take a weekend. This is a journey, one I intend to take and complete. Who knows, maybe along the way I’ll figure out why I’m such a degenerate asshole. Either way, thank you for reading.
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