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Sunbreaker Build- Bottom Tree Hammers

Bottom Tree Sunbreaker Exotic: Pheonix Cradle (legs) Polaris Lance (Energy Scout) Mods: Ashes to Assets (preferably Enhanced or stacked) Discipline Mod, Breach Resonator, Solar Plexus, Molten Overload 100 Discipline [spoiler]Before anyone says anything, no, Jotunn and Prometheus Lens doesn't work with this build, neither does Sunshot or Monarque. None of those weapons apply a burn. Sunshot is explosive damage, Monarque is poison, and Jotunn and Lens are AOE DoT damage. The only weapon that applies burn with how the Bottom Tree Hammers wants to register what a 'burn' is Polaris Lance.[/spoiler] Basically... anyone who mains hammer Titan probably knows how to do this. But... for those that don't know, when you get a solar ability kill on Bottom Tree Hammer Titan, you create a Sunspot. Standing in a Sunspot regens your grenade and melee energy quickly, and gives you increased damage for everything by 20% as long as you have the Sun Warrior buff. If you have the Sun Warrior buff- there is a [b]chance[/b] any kill you get with a weapon will spawn a Sun Spot. Which it doesn't say on the perk but it does. So you can make loads of Sunspots right? To make that easier, Polaris Lance's Perfect Fifth perk causes burn damage that is coded like the Sunbreaker's bottom Melee ability, allowing it to create Sun Spots as long as the target dies to the burn or dies while the burn affect is applied. [b](it sounds hard, but in practice, it's rather easy to do)[/b] So the ability to create Sunspots on demand, always have 20% more damage... Having Pheonix Cradle on buffs the duration of Sunspots, and allows teammates to pass through them to gain the Sun Warrior buff as well. Helping your team while helping yourself. [b]I'm not sure, because no one in my clan plays Hammer Titan so I could not test, if you have multiple Bottom Tree Hammer Titans, you might be able to chain the Sunspot generation between everyone.[/b] Having 100 Discipline with the help of your armor and mods shortens that cool down of your grenade to the point you blink and it's back via normal cool down or while in a Sunspot. Allowing you to help make Sunspots easily, as well take advantage of Molten Overload. Breach Resonator helps when your team runs weapons with shield piercing mods or perks so it's more of a passive mod that you just steal their hard work. Giving you grenade and melee energy from their kills. Solar Plexus is mostly there to help your Melee hit harder if you feel like punching something. [b]These two mods are temporary for this season only, but- the build will work without the two mods even after the season ends. It's just a nice little bonus to have.[/b] Ashes to Assets is... self explanatory. If you've got all these grenades... start throwing them for super energy. You'll have a super in no time. Since everyone jumped on the hammer throwing build for middle tree at the start, I figured now was a good time to remind people that this existed as well. The build is decent for solo play, mainly cause you can have constant burn damage, easy ad clear- specially with the Polaris Catalyst, equipping a shotgun helps take care of anything that gets close- specially with 20% damage from Sun Warrior. If you're putting Sunspots down everywhere, odds are someone will run through it for a damage buff, or you're making the floor lava for AI to run through and die. Is this better than just running Helm of Saint 14 and a Bubble? Depends on your play style. If you don't like being a Bubble Dispenser, this isn't a bad option to go with, specially if your team already has a bubble Titan. Will this work in PvP? ... you're a brave man if you want to try.

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