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11/18/2019 9:53:38 AM

Can every exotic have an anti-champion mod?

The champion mods are an interesting addition to the game, but there is one problem that I'm sure many people have noticed with the system. There is a big lack of variety in what can be used against champions. That's why I think in addition to making anti-champion mods available to all legendary weapons, all exotic weapons should have an intrinsic anti-champion effect. Under each of the three anti-champion effects, I will list all of the exotics that I believe should have that effect. I have added certain conditions to some of these exotics so that things don't get too out of hand (like Riskrunner only granting Overload while Arc Conductor is active). If no condition is listed, just assume that the effect has the condition it normally does. Anti-Barrier -Vigilance Wing -Mida Multi-Tool -Huckleberry -Suros (with Spinning up) -Last Word -Arbalest (obviously) -Bad Juju -Lumina -Monte Carlo -Coldheart -Fighting Lion -Graviton Lance -Skyburner's Oath (hip-fire) -Hard Light -Borealis -Prometheus Lens -Polaris Lance -Trinity Ghoul -Lord of Wolves -Tarrabah -Colony -Two-Tailed Fox (Solar Rocket) -Eriana's Vow -Leviathan's Breath -Divinity (bubble prevents champion from raising barrier, but Divinity can't break it if it's already up) Overload -Crimson -Rat King (while invisible) -Suros (with Dual-Speed Receiver) -Malfeasance (when the slugs detonate) -Thorn (with Soul Devourer active) -Outbreak Perfected (nanites cause Overload effect) -Riskrunner (only with Arc Conductor active) -Trinity Ghoul (Lightning Rod) -Wavesplitter -Le Monarque (poison causes the Overload) -Tractor Cannon -Darci (must target enemy first) -Worldline Zero (Tesseract attack) -Two-Tailed Fox (Void Rocket) -Queenbreaker (Combat Sights) -Black Talon (Crow's Wings attack) -Thunderlord (lightning strike) -Anarchy -Deathbringer -Divinity Unstoppable -Sweet Business (only while fully spun up) -Sturm (only overcharge rounds) -Jade Rabbit -Cerberus +1 (while in Focus Fire mode) -Wish-Ender -Ace of Spades (with Memento Mori active) -Chaperone -Izanagi's Burden (Honed Edge shot) -Monte Carlo (melee while holding it) -Sunshot -Skyburner's Oath (ADS) -Merciless (once "revved up") -Borealis (with Ionic Return) -Telesto (if full burst hits) -Polaris Lance (Perfect Fifth shot) -Wavesplitter (with Supercharged Battery active) -Lord of Wolves (Wolves Released) -Jötunn (direct hit) -Tarrabah (Ravenous Beast) -Prospector (multiple grenades must be stuck to big angry Ogre boi) -Legend of Acrius -Wardcliff Coil -Whisper of the Worm (with Whispered Breathing) -Worldline Zero (Tesseract attack) -Sleeper Simulant -One Thousand Voices -Two-Tailed Fox (both rockets direct hit) -Truth (direct hit) -Xenophage -Eriana's Vow (with Death at First Glance active) -Leviathan's Breath (full draw) Let me know what you think down below. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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