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Bungie, Love the guardians

Dear bungie, with all the shame in the world I communicate to you through the present. I hope not to bother you. I know that this is a mistake, if not, I would not ask for your help. On Saturday November 9 I had a problem with my account, it seems that his system detected something unusual in my account, I communicate with all the honesty in the world to tell them about my situation. Sincerely I am new to PC, I was almost a year raising money to be able to arm my PC and be able to play destiny since I am an extreme fan of the franchise. My love for destiny is too big, I never intended to do something wrong, I am new to PC, maybe I made a mistake without knowing it, and I want to play destiny until the end. I love history, I love Lore, I love everything destiny. I fully understand that you have your privacy police and rules, but in my case it is different and I feel that there may be a solution. My account is used since the alpha of destiny in 2014, I have all the progress of destiny 1, in destiny 2 I have all the seals of year 1 and 2, I am the number # 10 in the world with more flawless trials, I am the number # 2 in getting the title unbroken in lationamerica, I have all the weapons, armor, triumphs, seals, and many of the collector's and event emblems until year 2 of destiny 2, Destiny in my house we love him, I play destiny with my wife (she has her account), I play destiny with my 12-year-old son, (he has her account), even my 6-year-old daughter plays destiny with my account, I have 3 ps4 consoles in my house, my family and me play together at the same time sometimes, I have many articles and physical collector's editions, my life of the last 5 years is based on playing Destiny, I can not imagine living without playing destiny. I want to know what the outcome will be when darkness comes, my account is too important for me, the time and money I have invested in the game is too much. In the last month nothing more, I have bought the annual pass, I have bought everything in my ps4 account, in the last month I just spent more than 100 dlls of silver, I have 2000 pending of silver to spend, I want to get all the items, Everything that exists in the game. And helped in all children's charity events. I have never been cheater, and beat all the best in the world more than once in competitive, I am a person who loves to be better in the game. I am the community manager of Facebook groups in Latin America with more than 30,000 members, I organize raids, tourneys, I help people to complete them, to get everything they need, to teach I am their teacher, when the trials of the nine existed, help to reach the spire over 200 guardians, and stream to help more people:, and bought from my pocket emblems, dlc, and content to give to people, I'm too active in the game. I played Destiny 1 for 2796h 34m, in Destiny 2 I've been 2672h 45m, I definitely destiny has become my life, I don't know what I did wrong but I regret it too much, I'm legal, please don't take away the experience of being able to continue playing destiny . Without my account I could not continue. I would end my game journey and I don't want that to happen. I beg you please, it was not my intention to do anything wrong, I have never done anything wrong in the game, I play Destiny on PS4, PC AND XBOX, and many friends and communities that I help and teach. I know you can help me, I love all the triumphs, all the challenges, EVERYTHING, check my record, I am clean, I have never done anything wrong, please my love for the game is too much. I have pending to do many things. I have pending to play a lot of content for which I already paid. I don't want to miss anything that will happen, I am not a cheater, I just want to keep playing, I want to know everything that is going to happen in the game. Please do not kill this guardian. I have to defend humanity from darkness. I communicate to ask for help about a very serious problem that I have, I write to you because I can not find another way to communicate with you and the truth if I see your help very necessary. This saturday past the system banned my account, I want to tell you that I never intended to make any kind of trap, I have always been legal in this great game, the truth is I never had to cheat, I have been given to play very good. Apparently it was a problem with my computer, but I never had any intention of making some kind of trap, I am an outstanding player in Latin America, well known among the community, I have since the beginning of the destiny alpha playing, my progress is amazing Since I love the game and I have almost all the objects, I can not continue without my account I am very sad, I love the game, I am administrator of several Facebook pages in Latin America, I am administrator of '' Adictos a Destiny '' (Destiny Adicts), and I am also an administrator of a facebook group called '' Destiny Latinamerica Playstation '' I help all the guardians that I can teach them to play, to complete raids, to crucible, competitive, to everything, my life is incomplete without this game. It cannot be that for a mistake I can no longer play, please help me, it is not fair that after so much that I have been faithful to destiny and given him so much love this happens to me, I cannot find the way, I am a married man, I have 2 children and everyone in my house loves destiny, I have a problem with my right leg that I can not walk well and I work from home in real state, and playing destiny makes my life better, do not take this away from me please help me i'm not a cheater, im a very active community player. im very sad, help this guardian you can i know, don't let me die after of much. my bungie profile: Dont let me die after of much, im not a cheater, i don't need be a cheater, im professional, check my record and stats, help me bungie i know you can, you are awesome. I thank you very much in advance. Have a great day, thanks.
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