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Armor 2.0 Needs Two Changes To Fix It

So contrary to public opinion I don't completely hate Armor 2.0. I honestly like what they were going with it including with the elemental affinity, or at least the idea they say they were going for at least. However I feel that they way they went about doing it was bad and the end result created a restrictions rather than the better customization and increasing build diversity that it was pitched as to the community. So, I propose two alterations that I think can easily fix the issue as a whole. [b][u]1) Reward us for matching affinities instead of punishing us.:[/u][/b] The affinity system was designed to... [spoiler][quote]Give players the ability to balance mods above and beyond pure effectiveness. When mods have no restrictions on their use (as was the case prior to Armor 2.0), each mod is only evaluated on its strength and usefulness (or access, in the case of consumables). Giving mods an energy cost gives us a knob to turn that gives weaker mods value and stronger mods a drawback. Giving mods an energy type allows us to limit the scope of combinations within a single armor piece (making their use cases easier to predict and balance for), and also gives us room for other perks and mods (for example, artifact mods) that break these restrictions. This means the perks and mods that break the rules can be compelling choices, without them having to also be significantly stronger to be appealing. [i] Source: [url=]This Week At Bungie – 10/17/2019[/url][/i] [/quote][/spoiler] For balancing I can respect but feel they made it out far more problematic than it has turned out to be. As far as the "mods have no restrictions on their use" is not valid as it is very restrictive not being able to use certain classes because of affinity, especially when it comes to end game as raid armors, event armors, etc. you can only get for a limit time and if you can't get the right rolls with the right element you're at a loss. So what I suggest is rather than punishing us by not letting us use certain mods because the affinity doesn't match, you let us use any mod we want and reward us by lowering the cost of a mod when it does. How that would work is that when a mod is equipped it will reduce the cost by 34% (34% to avoid the continues .33) and rounded to the nearest whole number. This would result in the mod costing up to 3 energy being reduced by 1, and anything costing 5 or 6 being reduce by 2. This way they still have affinity on armor but it would actually make it none restriction and still help keep balance. [b][u]2) Allow us to change the the affinities of our armor:[/u][/b] This system would be used for helping make the grind of getting the desired gear from raids, Iron banner, etc. not feel as artificially inflated as it currently does. Once you got the gear with the right stat rolls the player wouldn't be likely cursed by the affinity not being right for their weapon choice or their resistances. Now this of course wouldn't be for free. Like masterworking it would require a certain crafting material to do so. I would say either 5-10 enchantment cores or 1-2 enchantments prisms, but not higher than that. This way it's not absolutely insane to grind out just to change the affinity but also requires some decision making in order to get the best choices. And yes before you ask this would also be done on exotic gear. I mean if a Orpheus Rig exotic, which is tied to a void super, is going to have a arc energy by default then one needs to be able to change that, and I know that's not the only exotic armor piece to have that problem. These two changes I believe will solve a large majority of the actual problems currently present in armor 2.0 and satisfy the majority of players. Doing these would also as I said earlier, make the concept of armor 2.0 fit the description of better build diversity, more customization/ play it your way, and actually allow for this to fit the description given to us in the this week at bungie.

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