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10/12/2019 6:12:20 AM

Transmog for every armour, cmon Bungie

When I first saw the vidocs I was really hyped because I would no longer have to deal with good looking gear being statistically horrible, therefore ending up having to mix and match my armour, always trying to strike the balance between something that made me not wanna throw up every time I'd load up the inventory screen, and something that would also provide me with the stats to suit my preferred play style. Looks like I'm still doing that though, since that vidoc was more or less a lie or at least extremely misleading. Make all the legendary armour sets ornaments, obviously it should only be the ones that I've earned, but anything that is already in my collections I should be able to turn into ornaments. There is no way you cant do this, because you've already done it, but for some reason you're only doing it with the Eververse armour sets? Why... omg, why? That is obviously not good enough and serves absolutely no purpose but to limit player choice and customization. And to the people crying "but then there's no point in farming armour sets over and over again", so what? That would be the point of it. Nothing sucks more than getting a cool looking helmet but it's stats are abysmal. It already sucks that your guardian has to look like a fashion horror show whilst you progress through the power levels, mixing legendary, rare and exotic armour pieces together like you're throwing garbage into the bin, it shouldn't have to still be a problem at endgame. Gott give me strength, Bungie, if you say you're gonna implement transmog, then implement transmog, why on earth would you only do it for such a small amount of the many awesome armour sets in the game? Imagine this: you get a new helmet, it's got exactly the stats you've been looking for, it's a godroll, it's gonna make you a god amongts plebs in the Crucible. Unfortunately it's from that new "Dreambane" set and you hate the way it looks, like some astronaut turned tribal, and it sure af is not gonna go well with your Vex themed raid armour. Oh well, guess you'll just have to deal with looking like an idiot in a video game about character customization, OR, you could just TRANSMOG THAT B**CH. Boom, now you look like you killed so many Vex that you eventually absorbed them and you get to have the best stats in the world as well. Transmog, it's that easy.

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