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10/9/2019 9:36:05 AM

Destiny Veterans' Thoughts on Shadowkeep (oh boy)

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[b][i]Let me start off by saying this[/i][/b]: I have been in the Destiny franchise since the beta of Destiny 1. I've wanted to kill Rahool for turning my exotic engram into a blue pulse rifle. I've grabbed all three elemental Psion cloaks and barely wore them. I destroyed everyone in PvP in the beta of Destiny 1 on the Venus map(I say beta cause PvP gives me depression now(I can say that cause I've fought it and still do so back off)). I've completed every Destiny 1 raid multiple times. I recieved Gjallarhorn on the day PoE was released in the House of Wolves DLC. I have been sniped by a shotgun from across the map. I've done many things. I'm a Guardian. [b]This DLC was fairly enjoyable.[/b] I loved the initial suspense of the DLC. It wasn't crazy suspenseful but it wasn't absolutely obvious either. That moment when you turned that corner on the first mission and BOOM pyramid from the initial campaigns ending scene. And it's been there all along. Watching us. Now, I never really watched the trailers for Shadowkeep, just the initial one so I never expected the pyramid. Even though the story was short, I still enjoyed it. I'll be honest. That's just about it. It's been a week since Shadowkeep released and all I can say is that it was an exciting few days. But that's the issue. It was a few days. It took me half a day (release day) to finish the whole campaign and the rest of the time I spent doing quests and leveling up my power. However, after that, everything just became a chore. The Vex Offensive was fun. The first time, but after that it was boring. Each "section" consisted of the same thing. Activate the plate. Kill the Vex. Destroy the oracles. Grab loot. Run to next area. Activate Plate. Kill the Vex. Destroy the Oracles. Grab loot. There are only 3 sections with the 3rd being the boss fight. The first 2 sections are exactly the same just a few more enemies and a different looking layout. The boss fight isn't much better. Activate plate. Kill vex. Use what you used to destroy the oracles to lower the bosses shield and shoot the boss. If you didn't destroy him that time go to the next plate and do the same thing. Over and over until you kill the Vex Gate Lord. Once you kill the thing go grab your loot. Speaking of loot, the loot only consists of 4 different weapons. A Scout rifle, Solar Pulse Rifle, Arc Sub-machine Gun, and Void Hand Cannon. Even after the weekly reset the following week (the week this was written) the guns are the same. The only thing that changed was the fact that you can redo your weeklies. [u][i]The game is just boring after you do the initial content.[/i][/u] Not to even mention the grind. My highest light level is currently a 926 Titan (I'm gonna use him to boost my Hunter hehe). Everything that drops for my titan is below 920, even though it says "Powerful Gear". In order for me to get an increase in light level from these "Powerful Gear" tier 1 and tier 2 rewards I have to farm these weeklies on all 3 of my characters just to increase the light lvl of my Titan by 1 or 2 light. So every week I go up 1 light level at this point. I'm probably just unlucky with my drops since people did the raid Day 1. If that's the case, just ignore that part about the grind. Don't get me wrong everyone. I will still play this game. Those people who say they are done, will eventually come back to play this game. That's just how it is. However, a "live service" game provides a service. Currently for me, this game provides an extra chore. I'm tired of running Vex Offensive 30 times a day (exaggerated number of course). I miss the days of Destiny 1. The Taken King dropped. The Dreadnought was there to be explored, there was so much to do. World Peace existed and the broom Exo finally cleaned up that corner. I miss grimoire except for the fact I had to leave my game to read it. The locations in Destiny 2 aren't alive. They just...exist. Even more so with the moon since no one is there. I find that really sad with all the lore that Destiny has. Thanks for reading this list if you got this far. I hope all of you have a fantastic day. and don't forget that all classes should be equally important in some way or another. Tired of seeing hunters all the time. You're non-toxic friendly Hunter main.

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  • blah blah lots of filler blah blah Its annoying that every time some one wants to criticize the game here they have to read off their credentials like public official before they feel like they can even criticize this terrible game franchise. You're exaggerating how everything went in Destiny because you have your nostalgic glasses on. People raved and ranted about how terrible takek king was weeks after its launch just like they did for every other expansion up until now. It's a cycle. This DLC was enjoyable to those who enjoyed it because it included a lot of things that were made specifically for the gullable people that will buy any Bungie product without being critical of its existence.

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