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The Lab: Part 3

Artemis: Ok lets take a vote. All in favor for continuing the tests? (No hands go up) Artemis: Ok, looks like we will head through the hatch. Independent Nazo can you open it? (He pushes on the hatch pulls on it and blasts it a ton but nothing happens.) Independent Nazo: Nothing I do works! Artemis: *Sigh* Fine I’ll hack it. (She starts working and the others settle in for a wait.) Pistol Pete: So... what’s your ability Cayde-7? Cayde-7: It’s taking technology and adding its ability to my device. What do you think about all this you know the... Pistol Pete: The experiments? I think that Robo Owl is hiding something important. Cayde-7: You’re probably right but I meant what do you think the world will be like when we return? The day before I was captured everyone was panicking about making first contact with alien civilization. Pistol Pete: It will probably be worse. Everyone will be shocked no matter what the aliens say. (ManofLight is messing with Independent Nazo by insulting him then forcing Nazo to fall in an infinite loop for a minute.) Artemis: Yes! Finished. (The hatch opens and they enter a room with tons of wires all connected to a blue ball of light in the center of the room.) Cayde-7: One moment! (He grabs the orb and assimilates it while putting the blaster away.) Cayde-7: Woah! I feel like I can do anything! AI over the intercom: WARNING POWER CORE A HAS BEEN DISABLED SHUTTING DOWN TESTING FACILITIES. Intercom: This is Robo Owl. Please return the core to its rightful place and return to the testing facili... Well crap. Please return to the hallway you were in and wait for the facility to go back online. ManofLight: Yeah... no. (They run into the next room and see a strangely large door and a machine covered in black armor and green lights prepared to fight.) Artemis: Cayde pass me the blaster! I will use it to fend off shots while I work. Cayde-7: Ok Artemis! I’ll go at him with my newfound strength and speed. (As he runs he leaves a blue trail. The robot pulls out a sword that is black with green markings all over the sword.) Pistol Pete: Get me close to him ManofLight! ManofLight: Yes sir! (Pistol Pete is teleported right next to the bot and starts a duel while Cayde is running up at high speeds and punching it.) Artemis: Done! I have disabled its defenses and weapons! Hit it with everything you got. (Pistol Pete jabs the robot destroying its core in the process. A person cloaked in shadows holding a remote walks up.) ???: Well well well look at what we have here. Independent Nazo: Who are you and will we have to fight you? ???: Who am I? Not important. Will you have to fight me? Not directly. (He presses a button on his remote. The large door opens. Inside are three people dressed all in black but with green lights on a small thing on their heads.) End of part three. You know what more people means! Another sign up!

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