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How would people feel about a Birdshot Shotgun?

Recently I've been thinking a lot about there being a Shotgun that used Birdshot in Destiny. For the uninitiated the majority of shotguns in the game use something called Buckshot, a small number of large metal balls. Birdshot is the opposite, a large number of small metal balls. I've included a reference image to get a general idea of the difference in scale, although in real life there is still a great deal of variation in size and number of pellets even within these two categories. Initially I had been thinking about implementing this as an exotic, but then I thought it would be much more interesting to make this as a foundry exclusive trait, like how Slug Shotguns (also included in reference) are something exclusive to Suros. So i'll be following that path for this introspective. Although that doesn't mean there can't be an exotic that also uses Birdshot like how Chaperone uses Slugs. My thoughts are to add a new set of Veist Shotguns with a unique trait called "Veist Adaptive Frame" that gives "Superb Range, fires a large number of projectiles". This would be a whole new archetype. I'm thinking like 100RPM. Like all Veist weapons they would also be exclusively Energy Weapons. While standard Buckshot Shotguns fire 12 pellets per shot Veist Shotguns fire like 25-30 pellets per shot (provided the engine can support it) and have extremely long range, I mean like 10 meters. The drawback to this is they have massive spread and the lowest damage of any archetype. At extremely close range where you can get all the pellets to hit it can one-shot in PvP, but because of the massive spread you will very quickly lose the ability for all the pellets to hit one target. However unlike other shotguns they will continue to deal significant damage at long distances, even without hitting all pellets. Because of their significant spread and long range they would actually make very good add-clear weapons. They will also be more effective against very large targets like bosses where more pellets can strike even at range. Does this sounds like something you'd use? Does it seem totally OP or totally useless? Would you design it differently? If we made an exotic for this what would it do? I'd like to hear your opinions.

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