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Out Of Time Ch1 Alternative (FANFIC)

This is it everyone, the [url=]Legend Untold[/url] side arc that I promised would come out with the end of the Vanilla Destiny chapter of LU and the beginning of the Dark Below chapter! A few things you must know about Out Of Time (OoT): [spoiler]-This particular side arc takes place in a different timeline than the rest of the Legend Untold series, so does not affect any events in the main series -OoT is a crossover event that has been in the making for a long time, and will feature characters and places from the stories of other fanfic writers. I will give credit where it is due, and am proud to say that this will be the largest crossover fanfic to ever be presented to the Destiny forums. I would know, I’ve been here awhile lol -OoT will be written and released alongside Legend Untold: The Dark Below, but the chapters will be shorter and more numerous -OoT will have its own table of contents connected to the Legend Untold table of contents through links:[/spoiler] Now, I recommend reading the [url=]last chapter[/url] of Legend Untold: Vanilla before reading this first chapter of Out Of Time, or even the last 3 chapters if you’re up for it. However, since this is independent of the main series there is no real need. That’s all. Let’s begin :) Out Of Time [b]Chapter 1: Alternative[/b] [i]Something's wrong...very very wrong...[/i] Light rippled through the countless triangles of silicon glass that filled the far end of the chamber, illuminating the dimness around us with a dancing white glow. After a moment the entire thing was shining, and a single, blinding white light formed above the center of the platform at the top of the stairs in front of us. Space itself seemed to warp and twist around us, and everything grew blurry aside from the large, brightening point of light. [i]Four of us stood upon a floating platform and watched. Ever since we entered the Vault of Glass, a sense of having done all of this before had drifted at the back of my mind. On a couple of occasions I had even predicted shots or events that would have killed someone and stopped them. But even that hadn't been enough…[/i] With a final flash, the light went out, and from its fading ring stepped a Vex that glistened just as the glass hanging above it did. Its body was angular yet all the surfaces appeared smooth, and the two brightest parts of its crystalline white and blue body were its brilliant white eye and a glowing point in the chest. Its fingers were long and slender, matching the spikes that rose up from its elbows, back, and chest like needles. Its head was unlike that of any other I had seen before, sporting three horns that pointed straight up, and in its hand it wielded a massive cannon. [i]Drew had fallen in the Templar’s Well, overwhelmed by the Templar’s Fanatics and marked for erasure. There was nothing we could have done for him. Sally disappeared with the Titan.[/i] Atheon, Times Conflux, walked down the stairs and onto the lower level of the platform, looking across the gap to the platform that the four of us stood on. I met the gaze of the giant, feeling the weight of reality as if I was a mere shadow cast by Atheon’s existence. [i]I was nearly lost in the Well, too, due to the unexpected rage that had come over me. Sierra reigned me in, but then she asked me what was wrong. Unable to get a grip on myself, I could hardly explain that Drew was gone. Sierra did not remember. Rush said there had never been a Titan on Sierra and I’s team. Kabr had written that everyone forgot those erased in the Vault. Why could I remember?[/i] I looked to Sierra on my left, then Guardian and Hunter on my right. Guardian met my gaze for a moment. They all felt so distant, as if their very beings were thin faint reflections as I felt I was. Even all together, our Light seemed weak as I set my eyes back on Atheon. [i]Hunter’s Ghost had been picked off by a Harpy while we were facing the Templar itself, although he had gotten off only lightly wounded. In the Gorgons’ Maze we were seen by a Gorgon, just barely destroying it and escaping before others could arrive. It was deeper in the dark labyrinth, where platforms that slipped through time created our only path, that we lost Warlock to the abyss below. At the doors to the heart of the Vault of Glass, we finally stopped to grieve. For Hunter’s Ghost, torn from life right before the eyes of his Guardian. Warlock, she and her Ghost swallowed by the dark. I alone mourned Sally and Drew, separated from us by the remorseless hand of the Vex.[/i] “For the Light,” my voice rang out into the cavern, alone and muted, as if time and space themselves were strangling it. Could we win? [url=]Link to Chapter 2, Failure[/url] [url=]Link to Table of Contents[/url]

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