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Bungie, Please Try Harder.

Now, I know I try to defend Bungie as much as possible, because I've been through the toughest moments of Destiny with them, but this is important. The Eververse, woo boy...the big EV. This thing has spawned so much controversy it's crazy. Why is it good and why is it bad? Let's cover the good, first. It gives money to Bungie so they can create mid-season activities like Zero Hour, that's neat. It has cool stuff, that's obvious (microtransactions wanna enthrall the consumer to make them buy them). That's really about it for the good. Now, let's get into the baaaad. Know that cool stuff? Well, most of it is actually a reskin or shouldn't exist in the Eververse in the first place. Why do players want an exotic ghost that looks like they could've gotten it out of a secret in Zero Hour (lookin at you, tyrant shell)? Why is it that all of the genuinely cool stuff is only in the Eververse? I complete all 3 Solstice armor sets and get a reskin sparrow from the last game, but the Micro Mini is in the Eververse in which I either have to grind out bright dust or directly buy it. When I look at it, the Eververse seems to drain all of the genuinely awesome gear and cosmetics from the base game, where it should be in the first place, and then placed under a pay wall to obtain. This issue is with WoW, too! Store Mounts seem to have consumed all of the Staffs focus and attention instead of the mounts players can earn in-game through difficult achievements or multi-week-long quests. If you look at the 8.2 Mounts out right now, most are reskins of each other and seem to have no effort placed into them at all! Now, look at the store mounts...WOAH! A BADASS DRAGON FAIRY! How do I get it? Oh....I'm forced to spend even more money than I already have on the subscription fee, the expansion, and every other cool mount in the game.... Bungie, I get you like the Eververse and all of its cosmetics. I get it is a really good source of income, but the reason people hate it so much is that the Eververse is acting as a parasite. When it was first placed in the game in D1, it didn't have much. Just a new armor set that looked pretty decent and you can put colored glows on it, and a new taken armor set that everyone loved. Nobody argued about it other than those who wanted that stuff entirely for free right then and there. Look at it now, where almost every cool new armor set in the game is an Eververse exclusive that you can only get within the usual 3-4 months time period and you are mostly forced to purchase it (previously GAMBLE for it). I hate this. I love the game, I hate this. When you compare raid sets from D1 to D2, D1 has the clear advantage. At the start, they were pretty meh not gonna lie, but then the armor from Kings Fall was soooooo cool, they had unique shaders that applied glows (and shaders you only got for doing prestigious challenges) which made the armor really pop out and shine. Then in Year 3 Wrath came out with a pretty cool armor set, yet later improved upon with the weekly 390 raid challenges, which VASTLY improved how EVERY raid armor looked, giving them new effects and looks, and everybody wanted them. In D2, almost every raid set is bland and boring, no cool shaders that you get which make the armor glow and pop out, no cool ornaments that make the og armor sets pop out even more...they're boring. Half-assed, Bungie. I hate that too. If paid cosmetics look better than ones you earn in prestigious activities, you've done something wrong. Now let's look at games outside of the franchise. In fact, let's look at a free mobile game called Raid. The characters look way cooler and more unique, with sick armor sets and themes. That's badass, and...wait...ITS FREE! Let's look at WoW, before the whole Store Mount apocalypse. There are many PvP/PvE sets, like the Warrior Mythic set from Blackrock Foundry, looks badass, right? Well you EARN it too, from doing a Mythic version of a raid (for those who do not know, it is the hardest version of the raid...though it is a bit outdated so many can go in solo and easily clear it). You don't have to pay for any of that stuff, and you get sick character designs and armor sets via earning them by playing the game. The prestigious cosmetics have to look cooler than paid ones, if you don't get it. Not only does it inspire players to...y' the game, but it makes them look forward to more content you, as content creators, will put out. (Also it separates the elitists from the casual players). So Bungie, Please.....try harder. P.S., Forums....instead of complaining about wanting things gone, tell Bungie what you want in replacement. I see a lot of complaining about wanting things to disappear, but not constructive criticism to the point where Bungie gets a clear idea of what the players want from them, so they have to perform trial and error.

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