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Armor 2.0 twitch recap

From today's stream: Intellect, discipline and strength are all back alongside recovery, agility and resilience. These 6 stats cap at 100 each. Each armor gives varying points towards this cap (some more strength, some more intellect, etc) Armor mods - each armor has 3 slots for mods. These mods cost varying amounts of energy. Each armor has 10 energy when maxed out with enhancement cores. Exotics can be pulled from collections and will be 2.0 versions with a set roll or exotic armor dropping post shadowkeep will be 2.0 and have random rolls. Mods like enhanced perks or ones that are very general such as heavy arms loader cost more then specific ones like rocket launcher loader. Mods such as intellect mods cost 5 while grenades cost 4, enhanced sniper unflinching coats 6 while things like fastball cost 2. You can buy mods from the gunsmith, get them from gunsmith packages, world engrams, iron banner and the raid. Some of the ornaments you can equip were the dawning gear, optimacy set, rare and common solstice sets, curse of osiris and warmind eververse sets. Each armor piece focuses on different things Helmets: targeting perks Gloves: loader perks Chest: unflinching perks Boots: scavenger perks Class item: remote connection, light reactor, pump action The game wont allow you to pick double anything that wont stack so you can't for example use double shotgun scavenger on your boots. Maxing your armor gives a +2 boost to all stats. Side things: Glimmer cap raised to 250,000 Artifacts are back Sparrow and ghost will now appear on screen alongside your guardian in the menu Some gear was 810 power New economy items: enhancement prisims and ascendant shards to max armor Enhancment cores and other materials like it will drop from more sources. Nightstalker bottom tree buff: smoke bombs make allies invis, grenade damage charges melee cooldown, targets hit by tether or while your invis gives you the "heart of the pack" buff which increase handling and agility and resilience. Y1 and Y2 armor will drop with 2.0 perks, the vendors have been updated and will be selling 2.0 armor with a set roll. Legendary armor in the collections will be getting a set roll so you may rebuy them. When viewing allies instead of a light level it will now display a class symbol allowing you to quickly see what your fireteam is playing as. Weapons of light is back - 15 seconds per bubble entry Link to watch it yourself: [url=][/url]

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