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Lets talk about Eververse changes... Can we have nice things outside of Eververse too?

Eververse has never really bothered me until this season and the solstice started. It's understating it that complaining about glow prices and price inconsistencies would be beating a dead horse (Datto already covered that bit here ). Aside from the wildly inconsistent pricing, I'd like to address the issue of exclusivity created by hiding certain items behind the paywall. Placing awesome items behind a paywall is obviously nothing new (neither is complaining about them...). Putting lots of cool things behind that paywall (Unique sparrows, ships, ornaments, etc. all only obtainable via loads of bright dust or silver) is kind of lame but understandable. Placing so many nice things behind a paywall when there is very little equivalent in the game world that you can earn via gam eplay is the hot button here. The problem I see here is that there are barely in game equivalents that you can only get solely by playing (or at least very few versions of such). It would be really nice if more ships, shaders, ornaments, etc were tied to triumphs or generally in game activities. As of now, most triumphs give you more triumph score and some count toward a seal or two. That's nice and all but triumph scores are becoming more inconsequential as time moves forward. Why can't these also be tied to in game loot on the level of Eververse quality exotic cosmetics?(see the black armory ship) Even if the cosmetics at Eververse are left intact to preserve exclusivity, adding a variety of different cosmetics exclusively tied to in game activity, triumphs, etc. (think raid exotic ships or emotes RNG based) would be very welcome. It's worth noting the above doesn't mean eververse should go away. In fact it should be the exact opposite. I like seeing lots of stuff at eververse to buy. What I don't like is that it seems all this really nice stuff is there, while there's a lot less nice stuff out here. **** It would seem that this very thing has been directly addressed in the Director Cut post from Luke Smith a little while ago. With that said, i'll leave it up because it is feedback to that philosophy i suppose. 8/15 UPDATE - IMO it looks like we were heard! Now i'm not vane enough to believe that this is a direct response to this post but it's nice to believe that "someone" at least read it and decided it was important enough to address is in Part II of the directors cut. [quote]Time-out. Before I go on, I want to interject: It seems like some comments from part I around MTX are being misconstrued. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. Maybe it felt too ambiguous. Let me try and clear this up before we get into armor. Destiny has and will continue to have Weapons, Armor, Ghosts, Ships, Sparrows, and Shaders that you can earn from activities to prove to the people looking at your character that you did the thing, whatever that thing is: I beat the Raid a bunch; I earned Iron Banner gear; I played a ton of Crucible; I wanted to gather rain in my shoulder pads so I played Gambit a ton; I made a sweet set of Astroshaman gear at the Rune table; I farmed that Strike for the Mindbender roll that makes people rage; et cetera. Let me be crystal clear: That isn’t changing. What we are doing with the new armor system is saying: Find the perks you want, find the armor look you want, (from the megalist of currently available Destiny 2 armor) and pursue that armor to get the elements/stats you want and combine them to make your Guardian. Destiny also has an MTX store that houses things like Sparrows, Ships, Emotes, Ghost Holograms, Weapon and Universal Ornaments. The items in that store rotate and can be purchased with Silver or Bright Dust. And starting this fall, Bright Dust is just another in-game currency that you can earn by completing Bounties, instead of buying a bunch of engrams and sharding them to generate Dust. In Shadowkeep, there are armor sets, weapons, Ghost, Ships, and Sparrows coming from the destinations and activities. [/quote]

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