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♡ Okay, after reading though it a few points: 1. Gambit Prime is actually pretty solid. Reckoning however...needs work. Regular Gambit should be welcoming, meaning removing level advantages and penalties. Gambit is tied to a lot of things such as exotic quests, and even season events. Having a restriction because of let's say, guitar errors, shouldn't be a thing. This one thing is like a tiny cog that makes everything else work, just because you're restricted from one activity doesn't mean we should be restricted from multiple things as a result. Gambit should be like Quickplay Crucible, and Gambit Prime should be like Competitive Crucible. Gambit Prime can be left as is, but Reckoning needs a retune. It needs to embody what it was designed around which is Super usage, nerfing the Super restoring exotics and leaving Reckoning as it was is unacceptable. I didn't play Reckoning then, and even after when I waited for the power level increase, I don't play Reckoning now due to the Exotic nerfs. I totally understand why they were nerfed, but Reckoning didn't need to get buffed as a result. Daybreak, the super ability restoring modifier can fix this game mode in an instant, and also make it really fun. Again, the problem with Reckoning was that it wasn't fun, and the rewards were to infrequent. Which is a recipe for disaster. To be honest though, I'd rather have a fun activity to play rather than an increase to the drop rate of rewards. 2. "[b]We want players to have cover where their shields and health can recharge,[/b] or where they get to be smart using geometry, movement, ability and gunplay to dig enemies out of cover, and make interesting decisions about target prioritization." --- That's nice and all but the thing about cover is that it doesn't always work since some enemies have AoE attacks that can indirectly damage you even in cover. 3. Zero Hour was one of my favorite activities. I'm not one to use Sniper rifles, but Zero Hour had me looking for an Agressive Frame sniper (Dreaded Venture) to deal with all the Sniper Shanks and Vandals. It was the same for soloing Shattered Throne. 4. It's nice to have challenging activites, but some things just need to be more accessible from a players PoV. Menagerie is a good example of what the standard should be. A normal casual mode you can just jump into with matchmaking, then a much more difficult Heroic version without, with it's own reward pool of items to earn. Some things should remain a static difficulty such as Zero Hour/ Whisper, but Raids shouldn't be exclusive to Fireteams. At least the playable accessibility, and not the rewards. Rewards should be reserved for the Normal mode and better rewards for the Prestige version. Raids need to have 3 difficulties, a Story mode which rewards experience. You can just hop on in and play it without the worry of any failstates or revive tokens, so players on their own means, can learn the mechanics and the layout of the map firsthand and prepare for the normal version for loot. You could even message your group and take them into the Normal version and beyond. The Normal version should have rewards as they do now, and Prestige should have "special" versions of the same loot. They could even be something enemy specific like while wearing the armor piece you do more damage vs specific enemy, but it's built into the armor and isnt a mod. Something like that. 5. Whisper of the Worm, needs to come back as it was. It just doesn't feel exotic anymore, and even DARCI can out perform it. A suggestion would be for DARCI to be moved to the Special slot, and be a really good special exotic sniper and for Whisper to regain 1 ammo into reserves as a diminished return while White Nail replenishes the magazine from reserves. This would solve the Infinite ammo issue as well as give Whisper its exotic perk back. 6. The pursuits tab was a welcome change, people just weren't used to the sudden change from the inventory to the directory. but now that it has been moved, the character inspection screen moves a lot faster, on console and at least in my experience. Bounties separated from quests is a good change, one step at a time. 👍 7. Eververse, direct purchases need to be more "direct", is there a reason why Eververse items are on a rotation? The problem with direct purchases is that if you don't have the Bright Dust available in the moment of the week something you want is being sold, what happens when you miss the deadline and that purchase goes away, and what if it doesnt come back? People shouldn't be forced to buy something for Silver because they didnt have the Bright Dust the one week it was available. To cut down on this, why doesnt one picture have a Bright Dust or Silver option? Like for example the Solstice Glows have 6 large pictures that take up half the screen of a page. Why doesn't it just have 1 picture each with Silver cost and Bright Dust cost, then when you inspect to buy, it'll give you the option to choose either Bright Dust or Silver to pay for it? Also, why are some Eververse items inconsistent with the Silver to Bright Dust amount? Like why do some things cost the same amount of Silver, but have varying Bright Dust costs? 8. Yes, Menagerie was great! but add a Story mode for Raids, one week after it's release. So [b]everyone[/b] can enjoy the activity at their own pace. So much work goes into designing Raids! It's such a shame it goes unplayed by so many. Rewards are one thing, but Story based content shouldn't be exclusive to having 6 people readily available who are able to play for a long period of time, or who are comfortable communicating vocally. 9. One thing Season of the Drifter did right was the Invitation of the Nine Bounties, telling the story in consecutive order upon each weeks completion. Forsaken didn't have this with the Queen Mara story Arc and Uldren's revival. All of that is just gone, even for newer players so all they see when they enter Queen's Court is an empty seat. Another example would be putting the Black Armory story line behind an Exotic Quest that requires a random chance bounty and a 3 week cycle. I wasn't finished with the Black Armory story arc until midway through Season of the Drifter, and by that time I had forgotten about Ada's story. --- All in all, this was some great insight into the past year. Looking ahead, I'm looking forward to presenting more feedback in the future. ♡

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