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8/13/2019 8:08:49 PM

What I would change in Competitive Crucible - Give me your thoughts

Grinding Competitive Crucible shouldn't be a chore or make you question your life's decisions. The way this playlist is right now feels like it penalizes you too much even at lower ranks, which shouldn't be the case as you're trying to get two of the best weapons for PVE in the PVP playlist. So, these are the changes I would do this playlist to make it more rewarding and incentivise players to give it a go: [b]1- Increase the points needed to Fabled but remove point loss until then.[/b] The Revoker quest is hands down the best PVP pinnacle weapon quest to date. It requires a fair amount of grind but you don't feel the need to cut your wrists when a game goes really bad or you go on a losing streak. So, having Fabled requiring 3500 points will also make Recluse, Mountaintop and Luna's Owl easier to get while still requiring a good amount of matches and wins. This is also good to solo players that focus on PVE/Gambit but still want these weapons and, beyond Fabled, you will still need a stack of players to better succeed in it. [b]2- Give rank priority in matchmaking[/b] I don't know how matchmaking works for Competitive and sometimes I think Bungie doesn't know either. So, I would have the matchmaking prioritize finding people of your rank and then, find people based on location and skill. This happens in a lot of other competitive games and means you will find people that have grinded Competitive the same amount as you which leads to more balanced matches (in theory). [b]3- Reward people for going above Fabled.[/b] Right now, there is no incentive to play Competitive once you get the pinnacle weapon unless you're going for Unbroken. So, you should get ornaments for your pinnacle weapons like Glows or something that shows people that you grinded through hell and they should be very careful when facing you. With Armor 2.0 giving you mod slots the higher the armor level, Bungie could introduce Crucible specific mods that you could only get when finishing Competitive matches. Some of these mods could even be enhanced and would have higher chance to drop the higher your rank in Competitive. [b] 4- Make Elimination the only mode in Competitive.[/b] Whether is 3v3 or 4v4, elimination should be the only mode in Competitive. It worked very well in D1 Trials and should be the only mode for Competitive. If you're bringing back Trials, at least make this mode only having one game type. Playing a slower paced match of countdown after 2 or 3 matches of Control/Clash that are very fast paced can bring your game down. Even if you want to keep the other modes, rotate them on a weekly basis so that the mode doesn't feel so inconsistent. [b]5- Have Glory bounties available. [/b] Gambit has these for normal Gambit and for Prime. It makes sense that Crucible would also have bounties that reward bonus Glory points. This would compensate for some eventual points you lose and even help you get those final points if you hoard enough completed bounties. These bounties could only be completed in Competitive obviously and could be another incentive to bring people to this mode as well as making it more rewarding. These are my ideas to make Competitive better even if the current core of PVP isn't very good, with the balance that we have and not having Dedicated Servers.

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