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8/12/2019 10:06:57 PM

[PC] [NA] - Storm Sovereign [STRM] is recruiting skilled, active players for our clan! PVP/ Endgame [Clan Events]

Storm Sovereign is a clan formed during Season 4 based around end game activities. We're a tight-knit, semi-hardcore, and experienced clan with more focus on being a close community. For us, Destiny is our hobby and we want a clan full of like-minded players. If Destiny is your main enjoyment (especially crucible and raids) then keep reading. [url=]Discord[/url] activity is essential to our clan and is how we organize clan activities and spend time together. Our goal for the clan is that you will know and genuinely enjoy playing with nearly every member of our clan. Become a member of the Storm, not a number in some mega clan! [b]What We Offer:[/b] - [u]Active discord.[/u] Our clan is a community and we take Discord activity very seriously. If you're looking to get to know other guardians, hang out in voice chat, and make some friends, you're in the right place. - [u]End game activities.[/u] Whether it's a Flawless raid for your title, getting a comp team together, farming for a god roll, or crushing some quickplay, Storm Sovereign has your back. Our community enjoys the end game content that Destiny 2 has to offer! - [u]Experience.[/u] Most of us have been with Destiny since its humble console beginnings all the way into the dark ages of D2 Y1. Come enjoy the game with fellow veterans! We have raiders with day 1s, legend tier comp players, and they love to share their passion with other players. [b]Requirements:[/b] - [u]Have the most recent Destiny 2 expansion on PC.[/u] - [u]Mature attitude.[/u] We're not strictly 18+, but you're expected to act like an adult. Most of us are adults with jobs or are in college, so that's the standard for maturity we expect. - [u]1 Max LL character[/u] Storm Sovereign is an endgame clan, we are looking for active Destiny players who consider this game their hobby. This rule is flexible if there is a new content release. - [u]Discord usage is an absolute priority.[/u] Activity requirements are based on how often you use discord to play with clan members. Our clan kicks based on low discord usage (under 5hrs a week). We are not interested in lone-wolf players who don’t interact with the clan but still collect their clan engrams every week. We want you in the discord having fun! -[u] Have a clean account history.[/u] We take integrity seriously even if Bungie sometimes does not. Win traders and AFK macroers are not welcome. The full list of requirements can be found in our [url=]discord[/url] in the #newbies channel. [b]How to apply:[/b] - Upvote this thread. - Join the [url=]discord[/url] and read the #rules channels at the top. Discord is essential for our clan. - If you're interested in joining, read the full requirements and fill out the form via the #newbies channel in the discord. - After that, sit tight! A moderator will review your submission, give you full discord access, and get back to you about how to join the clan fully if you meet the requirements.

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