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Buff burning maul.

I think burning maul, with the right set up and build is a monster of a super. It holds tremendous potential and is really fun to use. There are some issues I have with burning maul, but it isn't anywhere close to the same level of issues I have with thundercrash. Increase the base damage of the super. Burning maul as a super is the uncontested strongest mobile super in the game, boasting celestial nighthawk numbers when you have roaring flames x3 and synthoceps active. But the issue I've always had with burning maul, is how...underwhelming the super feels without buffs or stacks. It still does some of the highest base damage of any super, but I feel like burning maul just takes so long to deal relevant damage that there's no real reason to use it without stacks. As for how this could be not sure as increasing the base damage would also increase the damage done at its cap (which I mean, I'm not would just be insanely strong). Increase roaring flames duration to 20 seconds. As this skill tree is entirely reliant on its abilities damage to be viable, there are times where 15 seconds may not be enough (it's uncommon...but still annoying). This mostly happens with the super where you activate it for boss damage and it just ends before you finish using your super. It's more of a quality of life change than a necessary buff, but I don't see many balancing issues with it and grants burning maul more viability in pve. Add an indicator of where the throwing hammer is. I've lost so many damn hammers because they bounce to a location I can't see or can't predict where it to will go. This happens a lot when a big exchange of bullets is going on. Again, another quality of life change. Getting grenade kills restores some melee energy when the charged melee isn't available. Getting kills with your grenade while your melee is charged grants grenade energy. Burning maul could use a better neutral game as it's entirely reliant on the throwing hammer. Once you lose the throwing hammer you lose all of your neutral game, but if your grenade could recharge it then it wouldn't leave you as vulnerable. Having the grenade recharge the grenade on kills while the melee is full would allow the titan to have a way to restore their grenade, but with a restriction to keep the emphasis on the throwing hammer. Fix the light attack in super. There's no justifying how bad this attack is. It's weaker than the heavy attack, it hits less enemies than the heavy attack, it's less efficient than the heavy attack, and it's tracking and general movement is terrible. It needs a reduction in cost for the light attack, better tracking, and removing the multi hit property by unifying the damage, just like they did with crown splitter. Multi hits are terrible for everything in Destiny and it adds an unintended drawback that can be empowered with latency. MAYBE increase the damage bonus roaring flames grants in PvP. I know it's not a PvP skill tree or super, but having it be more viable would bring it more into the realm of PvP. It granting 10% per stack is pretty much worthless in all scenarios and getting it stacked is already near impossible anyways. Increase the damage bonus in crucible from 10% per stack to 17% per stack. 51% is a lot of bonus damage, but it's almost never available as it stands and 10% isn't valuable at all. That should be it. My ideas were to improve the general viability of this skill tree by putting a larger emphasis on the damage it can dish out over it's abilities, but the restrictions it currently has limits it from greatness in ways I don't think many can dispute. It has a ton of real potential, but it lacks cohesiveness and the current benefits feel more like a gimmick that tossed on rather than trying to make a good overall skill tree. Middle tree sentinel is where they excelled at for making a gimmick work and I love it. Same thing goes for chaos reach, nova warp and spectral blades. They all have a gimmick that enhances the overall potential but those four just...dont have the same difficulties to use reliably. If you guys would like me to make suggestions for the other skill trees and classes, I'm willing to do so. But be warned that my experience with the other classes doesn't compare to my titans, so ideas might not be what you would like or might be too strong. I'll make them as seperate posts.

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